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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, first post. I just bought my first dozer, a 1980 Dresser TD-20E. (thanks to the fine folks on this forum for posting serial number lists, that's how I know the year) The machine was only used to clear about 5 acres for housing lots in the last year and a half. Before that it was a farm dozer. I don't know anything about it prior, nor do I know how long it was a farm dozer. The machine is in great shape as far as I can tell. The man I bought it from changed trans, hydraulic, and engine oil. My plan now is to: Replace/clean all filters Flush and replace final drives Check frame pivot oil/grease level (any help would be appreciated, there is no drain on the side like the book shows, and no zero on top so I'm guessing I just fill it all the way up with gear oil?) I can post pics of that later. Change engine oil I have already replaced the seat, the cushions were history. I had a nice hardly used seat from my zero turn so it is now part Kubota (sorry lol) I also removed the blade and built up the trunions, they were wore very badly, will post pics. I have removed the right side engine shield and straightened and welded it so it operates properly... will also fix the left side. It is missing a small part of the cutting edge, going to call a few places and see if they can help me out It operates great with the exception it seems a little weak on power, but I need to run a little more and get used to it and then I can post some videos and see if anyone has advice on that topic. Who knows how many hours are truly on it, the meter shows 500... the motor may be getting weak or the turbo isn't building boost, not sure. PICTURES HERE: https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/l2S418pTQ-urMezPBNfndw.qZt_-bDvqFZs2uaZ6DOr-T CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES
  2. I’ve recently come into ownership of an international TD15-B and as I’ve never had to do my own mechanic work on equipment, I am grossly under qualified. When I first had it brought to the farm, I ran it for about 30 mins and it began to steam. I found some pin holes in the radiator, so we decided to pour some stop leak in and it seems to have done the job, but then it blew the lower rad hose. I replaced it and found that the overflow pipe coming from the top of the radiator was capped off with a .40 smith and Wesson brass. I removed the plug and it ran for about an hour without issue until it began spewing a steady stream from the overflow pipe. When I seen that I shut it down and heard what I'm guessing is the pressure switch on top of the radiator making a thud noise, so At least it’s operational. I haven’t had much history or knowledge about this specific machine so I don’t know it’s history. I’m wondering if maybe the thermostat is stuck and where exactly it would be. I see a housing that leads from the block to the upper rad hose, is that the housing? Also the gauges on the dash don’t seem to be working. Does anyone have a diagram I could use to rewire the dash? The wires are currently in a ball with a zip tie hanging behind the dash. The machine is a bit of a mess but it does run, and operate. Just a few kinks to work out. Hoping it can be a good addition to the farm. Any help is much appreciated. TIA! Caleb.
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