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Found 1 result

  1. A few of you saw a post I made back in April about a leaky hydraulic valve on a 7120 magnum. A number of you responded with tips on it and we were going to dive into it when we had a chance. Well those that read the post know that disaster struck before we got to work on it. For those of you that don't know the story. My Dad, brother and I were loading up a junk haybine onto a trailer to go to the scrap yard for a neighbor with our backhoe. I was guiding it when the place that chained it to broke and dropped the left side of the haybine. With the drawbar sticking out there the haybine kicked left as it dropped. With the kick left the end of the drawbar of the haybine ended up connecting perfectly with the top of my left foot breaking 2 metacarsal bones in the process. I did luck out and I didn't need surgery to fix them but I came dangerously close to needing it. I ended up in a cast for 6 weeks. No weight for 3 weeks. Partial weight for 3 weeks. I got extremely tired of being on crutches and not being able to carry anything of any size. I obviously missed out on planting this spring because there was no way I could climb up into a tractor with my bum foot. The best I could do was drive the pickup trucks around and move them from place to place. Couldn't even load the trucks with supplies. Today was the big day. I got my cast off. I am cleared to climb into tractors, semi truck, as long as I'm careful. I am in a walking boot for another 3 weeks because they want everything truly healed before I go back to wearing my cowboy boot on that foot. I was told I could take the boot off in the house as long as the floor is level. I got back in time to bale some hay. Normally my brother and I unload the wagons while Dad bales. Unloading hayis definitely out of the question for me right now but I could run the bailer. I missed this. Here are a few pictures of my afternoon bailing hay.