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Found 6 results

  1. I need to bleed the brakes on my International 784 tractor. In the manual in says to clamp the dump hose to prevent oil returning to the transmission before opening the bleed screws. Is the dump hose the soft rubber hose located under the battery? Thanks
  2. I'm about to pull rear axles on my 1586 to replace brake disks. Question, will the planet carrier/gears come off with the axle and housing, or stay with the tractor? Would be nice to know. Thanks!
  3. Hello friends, My question is about brakes on a Farmall 686. I purchased this tractor recently and today I tried to adjust the brakes. Right side OK. Remove cover plate. Remove one shim. Re-assemble. Adjust pedal. Easy! Left side the cover plate is frozen to the reaction pin!! Consequently I can't get to the insides. I see two options. Option one would be to use an angle grinder and destroy/remove the cover plate. Then remove shims to affect the adjustment. Polish the reaction pin so new cover plate will fit. Then replace the cover plate with a salvage one. Option two (probably easier) is to remove the complete brake unit and replace it with a salvage unit. Looks like the four cover plate bolts hold the entire unit in place. But I don't know if I can remove the complete unit if I can't get to the insides. Any help?
  4. I have a 74 Loadstar 1600 with a leaking cylinder on front passenger wheel. I removed the wheel and took the nut off the hub and removed outside bearing but can not get the hub to slide off to get to the brake components. Is there more I have to take apart on the back? I am guessing it's the brake shoes holding it together but I am not positive any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Adnaw

    IH 454 brakes

    I have a 454 IH with no brakes. I opened bleed screw and nothing comes out. Both pedals have no resistance. Fluid level is good. All hydraulics work.
  6. Hi Guys, As I expected , the back plate of my RH brake assembly has broken free. All 6 bolts are severed at different lengths, leading me to believe they got lose a long time ago and eventually they snapped. I was having issues with my brake locking up as soon as the tractor would creep forward under momentum and not under its own drive power. backing up was they only way to free the wheel. My question is, I cant seem to free the back plate. it rotates freely but I cant get it to release using the 4 bolt holes that seem to be there to help get it out. am I missing something? is there a c-clip I missed or do I need to open the top up and unlock something inside ? Im stuck guys, I need help. I think it might be the first time this side gets serviced, look at the junk in the drum 😲. I'm glad I pulled the wheel and fender for this side, I figured it would be an ungly job... once the plate is off... I got 6 ugly extractions on my hands.
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