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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy all, I'm here to ask What's a Good Quality 6 Volt Battery around the Midwest? (Michigan Specifically) I got a 51 Farmall Cub that needs a new one, No sorry I am not interested in converting out to 12V. Keeping all original due to my Grandfather Wish. I'm open to all brands & Also... What about a Good quality Oil Pan Gasket? Thank you.
  2. I put 2 new Optima yellow top D34/78 batteries in my 1086 in July. They will not hold a charge. Must admit I have left the key on but I have NO lights or accessories. having trouble recharging them. so I bought a Optima 400 charger. it will charge to about 25% just enough for the starter to growel low. after 24 hours the charger tells me it can not charge check batteries. both batteries indicate 12.5 which is top range of my little meteor. Optima tells me that I have to disconnect the batteries and charge each separately, because 2 batteries creates a 24 volt system. 1086 and my truck both have 2 batteries and are both 12 volt. ask for supervisor and get a dead end voice mail. Have I just wasted a lot of money on over priced batteries???? any suggestions!! will start hounding optima again. Thanks in advance.
  3. Replaced shorted batteries, replaced alternator, Batteries dies after running for 30 minutes and will not start again until external charted. once started will run on alternator alone, but not charging the batteries. Both Batteries properly grounded. The red wire from the alternator appears to be connected to the solenoid, there is a heavy wire from the solenoid to the left battery and a cable running from the left battery to the right battery. can charge batteries, disconnect charger and try to start next day and won't start. do not "find" any frayed wires, but have some wires with the casing broken. will clean and put liquid electrical tape on them to seal up. obviously have a short some where but. where is the problem not sure where to test for failure??????? New 30 amp in line fuse for left gare panel, put in a new main tank fuel sending unit fuel gage still set to full. All 5 Fuses test OK. some other right hand gages 't work. volt gauge reads battery area. Just a over view of electrical problems. don't know if any related. AC is disconnected, have put in new parts yet. Gee aren't OLD 1086's fun, especially if you don't know what you are doing LOL, learning!
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