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Found 5 results

  1. A 1963 IH B-414 (Gas) was left on the property we purchased a few years ago and it is the main source of snow clearing the 1/4 mile driveway in the winter. I have been running it every winter & summer since and repairing items as they tend to let go or need replacement. So far it has all been mechanical items such as the fuel filter/fuel pump/oil changes etc..; UNTIL... she just up and died on me last snowfall. Not just died, but lost all power as if you unplugged a vacuum cleaner. So, I got into the electrical system troubleshooting and repairs... I took care of some ugly wiring
  2. Hi guys Quick question. I have a new leak on the hydraulic control valve again. This time it's from the flow regulator body. Looks like I need to replace the oring. Do I need to drain the tub before removing the c clip to avoid a hy-tran shower or will I pose just what's in the line from the pump to the valve. Thanks al
  3. Well the engine in the B414 always acted out since i bought the tractor. I knew something was up , just not what. After going through the fuel system, i figured the next step was to pull the head to see what's going on. ( i was hoping for just a bad head gasket... lets just say my findings ruined my vacation... ) First bad sign...
  4. Ok B414 diesel experts... can anyone tell me how the fuel shutoff return spring should work? I found it in the diagrams, but it doesn't make any sense. Trying to get an understanding of what's supposed to be under the dash before I tear into it. Basically, when I pull to shut down, the lever doesn't return to open, and when the tractor is running the vibrations actually cause the shutoff control to vibrate out and starve the engine.
  5. Ok, so this tractor is new to me. Finally got it delivered after is spent the summer getting some touch ups. Still lots of work to do, but atleast I've got the glow plugs working and an alternator to charge the battery. With nothing mounted on the 3pt hitch, I put the lift control to full "up", the arms go up, and then I have flow to the front end loader valves. Up, down, curl bucket. But today I finally mounted my snowblower on the back. If I put the lift control to full "up" the blower won't lift up, but I have loader controls. When I activate a loader control levers, the 3pt
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