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Found 3 results

  1. I heard yesterday that the Huber Brothers have decided to have an auction next spring and sell off their beautiful collection. For those of you that were not familiar, they have a large (around 175) tractor collection. They had an Open House celebration every June. High crops, wheatland, low serial number, LP. They had it all. Sad to see it end, but such is life.
  2. So I attended an auction today as I was off work in my rotating schedule. Man had farmed some and worked for the Snap-On plant in Mt Carmel IL before their closing in 2004. Tools were bringing more than new prices. A couple eBay tool jockies were there and sending things way out of site. Just a couple tractors, very little equipment and normal sale stuff. I had seen a weight bracket under a bench and thought I might make a run at it. Didn’t see it sell and got there right afterwards. A friend said it sold cheap....bummer.... Later, I see an older gentleman packing it out of the shed. He stopped and talked about how heavy it was and it would probably work on his Oliver 770. I was puzzled. He said “it’s John Deere but I think my buddy can make it work“. I said I wasn’t trying to tell him his business but I was 90% sure it was an IH bracket that was painted. He didn’t know but we were standing next to a 1066 and we held it up to the front of the tractor. Sure enough I was right. He kinda scratched his head and I asked what he would take for it. He said he wouldn’t take what he had paid and I said that’s fine. He asked me if I would pay XX and I agreed. Now, I know in today’s world you are allowed to be whatever you want to be but this almost made me sick...Gonna need to get some paint out and try to right this wrong....?. I would think that thing would have been a load on the front of a 770 with a full rack but maybe not? He wasn’t a puller.
  3. My neighbor gave me this. Course it’s a copy but it’s his father’s auction he held in 1945. He was only leasing the farm and the story goes they wouldn’t sell and he couldn’t find any other land to buy. Didn’t see much of a future there is he moved out here were land was much cheaper and available. That same family today still owns the farm he was leasing.
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