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Found 2 results

  1. Got a call from my machinist buddy yesterday and we tackled cleanup on the 230lb Hay Budden yesterday afternoon. Started on the bottom and followed that by taking a little off the top, cleaning off the scale and rust while leveling it. Any pitting in the face can transfer to your work. This is not a necessary procedure, just something I like to do to a user anvil. This particular anvil was made in 1904 and has a hard plate steel face on it. That plate is forge welded to the body at the time of manufacture and is about 5/8ā€ thick (after machining). The tool steel plate was common of many American makers. Machinist buddy is an IH guy and has a nice 67ā€™ 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup with inline 6 and IH 5spd, 656, and a couple IH semi tractors from the late 60ā€™s.
  2. So in one of the blacksmithing threads a couple weeks ago while everyone was talking about stuff @m.c.farmerboy mentioned having a large anvil. We had messaged back and forth about some other things before so I sent him a message asking about it. I enjoyed trying to figure out what everyone had in that thread and figured Iā€™d get some more details and do the same for this one. Well, long story short, we came to an agreement and I own that anvil now. I had it shipped via Fastenal freight. Big thanks to MC Farmerboy for a new friendship and a nice transaction. I have always been impressed in any dealings I have had with Red Power members. Hay Budden anvil - 230lbs. Made in 1918 or 1919.
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