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Found 1 result

  1. I found this forum on the evening of Dec 31, 2017. Wife was working night shift as an RN at the local nursing home and I was on the internet looking for something when I came across the RPF. I browsed around and what I saw interested me so I decided to join. It took awhile before I was brave enough to post. But I read. Since those humble beginnings I have become (or was) fairly active. Through this forum I have gained considerable knowledge and made what I consider close and valued friendships. People from all over this great country of ours and the world for that matter. I have cultivated these friendships because these people share my morals, ideals, beliefs and concerns. It is easy to be comfortable around people that feel the way I do. But it is also healthy to be around those of differing opinions. That is how we grow, how we learn. I am curious why the Meisner's started this site. I would think, to give people who love International tractors a place to gather and discuss. A very noble and I am sure at times thankless endeavor. My question and I mean this with all sincerity, do you know who your members are? The amount of knowledge and love for the IH Company is very apparent. I think all of us on here have an interest in red tractors as a common denominator. But it is also a very diverse community of people with varying backgrounds. Complex individuals. People who are driven to succeed, to take chances, gamble on themselves. Not afraid to fail and pick themselves up and start all over again. Are not used to taking no for an answer. They are willing to do the hard work and sacrifice to keep this country safe and humming along. A little rough around the edges at times but that is the world we live in. Make no apologies. Not satisfied to sit back and put their future and future generations in the hands of just anyone. When they see something wrong, they call it out. Are also loyal to a fault. If you earn their trust and respect they have your back no matter what. No quitters here. I also think most on here have a well founded interest in the direction the country is going, whether they agree or disagree. They will discuss it when they get together. That is what leaders of a community do. I will admit my world is pretty small but this forum expands it exponentially. I have learned so much from the interaction with people from all over in the Coffee Shop. I wonder if you know how important the platform you (used to) provide us with is? It is a treasure trove. Lifetimes of experience and knowledge. In a lot of cases the only record as I am sure it is not all contained in books. I don't want to get into "this is your site, you can do whatever you want with it". I think we deserve more than that. I am humbly asking you to open the Coffee Shop back up. We need a place we can respectfully educate, entertain, sometimes vent but a place we feel like we can go to be amongst friends. Thank you for your time, Jeff
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