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Found 4 results

  1. When did the persian orange of Allis Chalmers change from1 to 2 , trying to match the 57/8? D-14
  2. I have a 5230 CIH with A/C problem. Recently converted from r12 to 134. New compressor, new high pressure and low pressure switch, new expansion valve and dryer. The issue I was having with it before converting to r 12 still exist. When idling with A/C on compressor will kick out and orange/yellowish light will light up. It will also do the same thing every once in a while if its hot out. I have made sure everything is clean above cab and upfront and it still does it. I haven't checked Freon levels since we upgraded a month ago. Any insight or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am attempting to convert the AC in my 1066 deluxe cab to the 86 series condenser. I have a hydro and it seems like the oil cooler is very large, I dont know if the hydro oil coolers are larger than the gear tractors, but it seems like they should. Anyway, the 86 series condenser wont fit in enough to put the grill back on. has anyone had to make any modifications to get the 86 series condenser to fit and still be able to get the grill back in? any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. My cousin's got a JX75 he bought new. Been a trickle of air conditioning issues over the years. This past season it got to cycling constantly and would squeal the belt (especially when it was hot ambient temp). He just had a local shop replace the expansion valve and dryer. Now the compressor kicks on 7sec, off for 15sec, same cycle continuously. When kicked on, his high side measures 175lb, 30lb on the low side. That's at 79F degrees ambient today. In the summer, he says it'd normally go up to 250-275lb on the high side in those cycles on. I'm a note taker here and not a A/C man
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