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Found 11 results

  1. Looking for some help in identifying this machine. I've been told it is a 1950's TD9 yet it is on wheels. I was told that a limited number were made. I've searched all over and I am unable to find any information on this machine. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. 1945 IH TD-9

    Td9 starting valves

    So my grandfather purchased a 1945 crawler and he has tried to get it running. Problem being he cant see well and can only talk people through it. He operated one in the late 40's but never had one tore down so his knowledge on it is limited. I purchased a couple of manuals for it and we started from there. The engine turns well but wont fire. The second and third starting valves are stuck in the open position which I don't think should be a problem when starting on gas if it fires, but will be a problem when switching over to diesel. Any tips on freeing up these valves without taking apart the head or is that the only way. I am not very familiar with these engines so any other advice would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. This thread is showing my process of troubleshooting the issues I have run up against in getting my TD9 operational... I was given this TD9 by a neighbor who had left it sitting for over 7 years. My location is Southern Oregon where we do get a fair amount of rain. Another neighbor helped me push the TD9 down to my property to work on. After getting it here, it sat for another 2 years until I was able to get working on it. I ordered 3 books from; these are copies of the original books. 1) Operations Manuel TD9 (1949) 2) Service Manuel and parts catalog "International Diesel Injection Pumps" 3) Service Manuel: "CHS-2 Crawler Tractors"
  4. My 1949 td9 starts well runs for 30 seconds and then stops. It keeps firing after that but doesn't start again unless I leave it sit a bit. Sounds like a fuel problem. But I had the carb apart and it looks okay. It's driving me nuts. Help
  5. Hi, Im about to remove a steering clutch pack from a td9B, the book says you need a tool to compress the clutch, just wondering if anyone would have the dimensions for the tool so i can make it up before i go to the machine. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  6. Was wondering what you guys think a running engine out of a 1952 TD9 would be worth? I have one that someone is trying to buy from me so was not sure what I should tell him I want for it. Was thinking somewhere around $750.
  7. jdm nebraska

    Td91 tracks

    sted 15 hours ago ยท I have a td91 with a drott loader which the tracks & sprockets are completely shot. I have been looking for the parts for several years (every time I find some the deal seems to fall through or there on the other side of the US) this past week I located some like new for a very reasonable price. I was so excited to finally find the parts didn't check into them to much & when I got them home yesterday I realized mine has long tracks & these are short. My question is can I just add links to get the correct number? The other problem I have is mine being completely shot as in the bushing wore through and tracks are riding on the pins, does anyone know where I can get 12 links (I believe) if that's how to make these work. Thanks
  8. Well guys I couldn't wait to get it home for the family to see and I gotta admit I've been pretty anxious since I saw it the first time last week (side effect of the red fever) but I feel I had to share my new addition with yall.. My new addition to the family 55 td9 has new undercarriage sat in a storage container several years so now it has fuel system and possible head issues. Planning on rehabilitation this winter depending on money, parts availability and time.
  9. Jodar23

    Working Tractor Improvements

    Just a quick question for you all since you have way more experience and some of you were around when these tractors were truly running the farm. What are some of the best improvements to add to these tractors for field work? I specifically am restoring an ID-9 and am just looking to see what is worth spending money on, and what isn't.
  10. Good Hope IH

    Loading a TD9 that won't roll

    Hey I am wondering if any one has any good ideas for loading a TD9 that does not roll with out wreaking the pads or tracks. It will be going on a flat deck semi so up a good slope I will have a winch on the truck but and maybe a tractor to help. Thanks
  11. Hey guys I'm new to the page, thanks in advance for any help. So recently my dad picked up a WD 9 and a TD 9 originally he thought he could get the TD 9 going without swapping but that was an epic fail the head is cracked leaking anti freeze into the oil quite a mess so we're on to plan b. We've never worked on one of these before we've been given so pointers on what all needs to be switched over but any input is appreciated. Dad is in the process of trying to remove the crank shaft and crank shaft pulley but this is giving us a run..... Can anyone help us out any pointers or walk me through how to get this apart? The nut is off heat and an impact but the rest is at a standstill.