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Found 3 results

  1. After a years work of A LOT of research, help from good friends, and more money than I intended to spend, because I wanted this tractor done the right way, no corners cut, we finally got it running and driving. So it's time to share my Farmall 706 Cummins swap. It started as a 282D, bought new in 1964, first diesel 706 tractor that Robinson Brothers sold in Delta, Pa. After three overhauls in it's life I decided the fourth time we would try something new. A call to a good friend, Ed Leaman, and I found a source for the adapter plate and flywheel. It's a good thing his place is only a half hour from our place because we made plenty of trips over the river. Here are the beginning steps of tear down, engine pull, and after it was cleaned up, we swapped out the 15.5 38's for a used set of 18.4's
  2. Going to change the engine oil in my new to me Cummins 24 valve and was wondering what you guys are running for engine oil was planning to put 15-40ih oil in it but thought I would ask and see what everyone else is running. Thanks
  3. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    There are a couple archived threads on here with some small pics. Gonna post up my project here with bigger pics to help others and hopefully get some of the other conversion guys to throw in what they have found to work. The below two have both done conversions. andrewn269 856_6BT Bought it not running motor had broke cam possibly. Eric helping me out with the tear down. Me removing cab. Ready to pull motor Got it down to see if clutch was worth reusing. It looked like it had just been replaced. Had 12 spring pressure plate as well. Getting motor in. Notched rail to clear front cover on cummins. Parts bought from Link Front mounts Motor in. Clearance on fuel tank and heat shroud needed to miss back of head Now for correct fan hub, spacer, and fan, coolant elbows on motor, turbo / manifold options. fuel tank support, air filter support, throttle cable