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Found 6 results

  1. I am finding the alternator on my 986 to be faulty. On Sunday I noticed the gauge wasn't reading normally so I used my ohm-meter to see what voltage was being put out. No matter what I did with engine RPMs I could only get 11.8v at the alternator and it got worse as I turned on the lights and blower fan. I grabbed the alternator from my 1586 and put it on the 986 and now I'm getting 14.3v at the alternator. My question really comes as to which alternator do I get as a replacement? The one I took out was stamped 1102380-63A. After some internet research I see this is a cheaper alternator that puts out 63 amps. It appears after looking in the parts book that this tractor should have a bigger output. I see that All States Ag Parts sells two styles of alternators for this model; a three wire and a self-exciting. I would like to eliminate the resistor that is located in the box between your feet in the cab if possible. Will the self-exciting style do this and how do I modify the existing wiring if necessary. As a side note I don't really run anything electrical other than the lights (all but two are converted to LED), the blower motor for the heater, and an oscillating fan to keep the back window from fogging up when I'm using the snowblower in the winter. Any ideas or options would be much appreciated. Jesse
  2. Good morning, I narrowed my 986 inside wheels from 38" to 30", so I've been watching the hub nuts and distance of the wheel to the cab daily to see if it is working loose. Finally noticed over the weekend that one of the bolts completely broke off almost flush with the cast hub. Anyone have any words of advice if this has happened to them? I'm going to try a reverse drill bit first and then maybe an easyout if that doesn't work. Also thought maybe welding a nut to the broken bolt might work?
  3. tw77

    Hydraulic fluid

    Has anyone ever used schaeffer hydraulic oil in place of hytran? We use their synthetic engine oil and it is very high quality and a great all around product. The salesman wanted us to try their hydraulic fluid on our hydro 84 but not sure what to do. He claimed that the newest hytran doesn't meet the specs that it used to. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello, I am working on the 986 I got from a local farmer, said it had a complete hydraulic failure (no brakes,steering, anything)and was parked, anyone know why this happened and how I can fix it? any help is greatly appreciated
  5. FARMALL1880

    986 axel

    I got a farmall 986 with a busted axel, will the axel from a 966 fit it? Thanks
  6. I have a 986 that has not been used much in the past two years. Finally got a 15' bush hog for it and on the first run after using it for about 45 min it stops going up hill. This only progressively got worse. I replaced a leaky clutch booster prior to this and thought that may be to blame. Took the booster out completely and bypassed the hydraulics. Worked for a bit but now it will barely move at all. The brakes are also all but gone. Power steering works fine. PTO also works fine. Any ideas?
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