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Found 5 results

  1. Clean Original IH 966

    Local friends IH 966 whos an older rancher. Its a clean well kept 966, especially for Texas and around 7k hrs. Cranks good, Runs good, drives good, steering is tight, shifters just rebuilt, very straight.
  2. Here's my view for the night, forty acres to go as of 20:20 eastern standard time. Rain is supposed to get here bring two in the morning, hope I am finished well before then! 1976 966 black stripe, nd 515 15 foot drill on yetter cart.
  3. IH deluxe cab kit

    hey guys I put a cab upholstery kit in the cab of my 966 and never having done one before made a few mistakes so the panels have some wrinkles in them. what is the best way to get these out ? or are they just there to stay ? I did try smoothing them out with a blow dryer with no luck. I would like to post some pictures but not sure how to get them from my phone to the computer. thanks Martin
  4. Coolant in oil!

    I'm having an issue on my 966 with coolant getting in the oil. Here's what I've come up with, any help would be appreciated. I changed the oil cooler. It fixed it for a couple hours then started again. So I figured maybe I got a bad one and replaced it again. Still having the problem. I don't think it's a head gasket because I have zero loss of power and I'm not getting any big bubbling going on in the radiator. I want to say I don't think it's a cracked sleeve because it's not missing whatsoever. That leaves me at the injector nozzle sleeves up in the head. Any thoughts, suggestions, anything?
  5. I guess I have a weakness for auctions. I normally don't spend much if any money but I like to know what things bring. This one had semi loads of stuff from tractors to CAT dozers of various ages and mostly in pieces. There was also a TD9 there. Unfortunately I didn't get the price on any of the construction stuff with two rings going. I did buy a set of 2-3pt adapters today off the gentleman that purchased a 656D utility. He didn't want them and was worried about his wife and spending to much money so I offered him a little for them. Does anyone know who made these? I have seen them before but never knew. 656D utility on the right brought $750. Engine was stuck and lots of parts were missing. Very rough with 2pt and missing some tin 656D Hydro utility on the left was a little more complete but very rough. Not running for the sale, 3pt $1200 806D straight tin (sorry, body pic) all rusty like it had been outside since new, not running, some weights, clean oil, 2pt with tow truck hoist attachment (must be rare 😊) $2700