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Found 6 results

  1. A guy messaged my wife on fb. Wanting to know if I still had the 966 for sale. She was kinda short with him, its been on there a while and she gets tired of the cold leads. Well turns out he used to own it has JJ dinomite painted on the hood its been gone from him near 30 years. He said the local dealer Jacobi in palmyra did a bunch of work to the engine. It seems strange to me. But said it was set up to pull anything a 1206 would?? Why would you compare a 1206 &966.
  2. This is my first post in any forum ever. So bear with me, I'm old and tend to ramble. I post here to ask the community for their advice and recommendations. I have a F 966 #2510175U009030, built I believe in 1971. This ole girl is located at a hunting, fishing lodge on the shores of Big Sand Lake in northern Manitoba Canada. The tractor was purchased new and driven up on a winter road that no longer exists. We are a fly in lodge with our own unimproved runway. Everything we get must be flown up to us at great expense. This machine has been used hard by many different people every summer o
  3. Needed a tractor to leave on the grain vac all the time since I’ve been doing so much custom grain vac stuff lately. Not really a black stripe though
  4. MarkG

    TA help

    Finally started putting the 966 back together. Installed the TA from Hy-Capacity. Checked play. Had .015 with no shims. Installed the counter shaft, gears, and spacers. There is no play at all in the gears. Everything rotates fine. The shaft, gears, spacers, and bearing move about .020. The play is in the outer race of the roller bearing. The transmission has been rebuilt before by the looks of the counter-shaft nut. The counter-shaft had a ball bearing at the rear. The outer race fit was extremely snug but could be moved by hand. I upgraded the new bearing to a roller bearing. The fit is exa
  5. S plemmons

    966 ta

    My 966 freewheels sometimes with ta in hi or lo! Sometimes works fine! Whats everyones opinion on cause? Thanks
  6. Getting the rest of my malting barley out of the bag before the deer destroy any more of it. They have figured out how to make holes in it. Walked all over the front of the bag, punching it full of holes that funneled rain into it, where they did that there's six inches of soaked, sprouting grain. Cattle feed now, at least the borrowed vacuum makes it easy to leave that behind and get out the good stuff!
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