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Found 5 results

  1. 886 speed tranny split

    Hi all, after taking on board all the comments so far on this excellent site the time has come to split the 886 for some TA repairs as well as some hydraulic and bearing sounds that i don't like. Whilst its out of action I figured it might as well have a new clutch and rear main seal. So this afternoon i finally reached the point of the split. The workshop manual I have obtained has advised me to split the machine behind the speed transmission and roll out from under the cab. The cab is supported by stands as well as the proper splitting stands under the speed tranny and rear end. I have removed all the pipes i can find as well as the wiring and bolts on the housing on either side and along the bottom of the housing. Is there something I am missing that is holding it together, as i have adjusted the jacks up and down but the housing doesn't even crack the housing gasket which leads me to believe there is something holding it together that my manual isn't telling me. Thanks in advance Lachlan.
  2. 886 Problems

    Hi all, just out to pick some brains of all the experts on here. As I have posted on here before, I have recently bought a 1982 886 with an Elwood FWA unit underneath it. This machine was bought with the knowledge of a few dilemma's with the TA. SInce being home a few more issues have risen. #1 Currently I have the front axle hubs off because the axle seal was leaking which has been replaced by a generic seal from the local bearing shop. Whilst apart I would like to replace the felt and lip seal wiper from the hub to the ball of the axle but at $154 for the lip seal and $83 AUD for the felt genuine seal I would rather go for the generic type and was wondering if anyone knew what the official dimensions/ Generic Part no. for these seals. #2 Whilst hooking up to an implement recently the 3 PL would not lower. I played around with the lever and it seemed to not have as much feeling as it usually does until i pushed it down into the response section of the travel and then it worked as it should. The aim of this machine is to be 100% operational and to be mostly a stock tractor pulling show queen with a little bit of work here and there so if the lift cover needs to come off then that is what will happen. #3 When spot spraying last week I also noticed every time the nose was pointed downhill on a steeper grade the PTO would cut out. The lever would stay in the engaged position but the PTO would not turn at all. This gives me the impression that somehow it is being starved of oil as it only would happen when the front of the tractor would point down hill. Is this the reason I read about people over filling the transmission or is there another reason? And is there a possibility that the linkage/PTO/ TA Issues could be all Related? Note; I have not changed the transmission oil as I was told when I bought it that it was new as well as the filter. Thanks in advance and I appreciate all the assistance that I have gathered from this Forum Thanks Lachlan
  3. 886 Hydraulic Problem

    I am having trouble with the 3 pt on my 886. Pulling the 3 pt lever up will not raise it unless I have a remote all the way up (back). I had a cylinder connected to the remote and once it got fully extended I could raise the 3 point if I kept the remote lever back as well. Any thoughts? Looks like everything is under the fuel tank. Will that just slide out if I have to remove that?
  4. Hi all, after searching the web and the forum I finally decided to create a new topic. To get down to basics I have found my self looking at an 886 which was a former family tractor. The tractor has recently come up for sale with only 4600 hrs on it, so i went and had a look at it today. My main issue is with the TA; when changing between either speed you cannot feel any speed change. The lever has plenty of resistance and sort of snapping feel to it so I was thinking that it probably wouldn't be a cable issue, but i could be wrong too. Just looking for any ideas as to what could be wrong with it before purchasing as I have never had anything to do with one. Thanks in advance Lachlan
  5. 886 Water in Oil

    Well today didn't go quite as planned. Started our 886 for to move it today as it was blocking another piece of equipment. Parked it and then decided to check the oil and it was milky and over full, and the cooling system was empty. The oil didn't smell like it had coolant in it, but with my luck i am sure it has to be coolant. Anyway the lower hose barely had any coolant in it. I figure that I will have to pull the pan to see if it is leaking around the liners. Do the D360 engine have a common place where the coolant enters the oil?