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Found 6 results

  1. I saw it had the gas engine. Looks like it's nice though. TA delete too. 111 HP? I doubt it. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/221177333/international-856?AuctionEnded=1
  2. Took advantage of the 50 degree day and moved a bunch of diesels to the shop before the cold weather sets in. I'm in the process of putting lights up and had to snap this picture while on the scaffolding. Closest is the 856 custom. Needs 3 point arms, tach, fuel and temp guage. Needs the steering valve looked at, gets hard to steer at idle. Also going to slide the rear wheels out. 28" on center is just too close.... Next is my 806 standard. Needs a bunch of fuel leaks fixed, oil leaks, new seat. Bunch of lost motion in all the steering pivots need welded up. New front tires and rims. Also needs a better exhaust pipe. 3394 needs a seal in front right planetary. Radio hooked up, oil change, new hydraulic couplers. Dad's 806 with the cab is getting a bunch of smalls painted and cab interior work. Under the plastic is a Super M-TA diesel. It's owned by the guy I bought this farm site from, he wanted to leave it there to work on it over the winter. Stuffed full and it's not even December.
  3. In numbers at the farm that is. If we gauge off total HP, Red is ahead. I'll need five more to make the count even with the Orange. Have I got that much shed space??? Here's the story; Last week I spotted this thing sitting at the local AGCO dealer, had about 10 minutes before I had to head to work so I stopped and inquired. Just in on trade. The original owner had passed, his family traded it in on a smaller Kabota. Stopped the next day, more time to work with. Took it for a spin. Thought wow, this thing is pretty quiet for having a straight-pipe. Seemed to have a whistle too. Sure enough, M&W turbo hiding under there! Missed that the day before. Everything seemed to work good, I like it. Now just need to find out how bad they are going to bend me over on the price. Well, it wasn't 'cheap', but better than I expected. I've been looking for another bigger horse for some time now. They either go beyond reality on price or need more love than I have time to give them. Or, like now, there just doesn't seem to be much for sale. Was really looking for a 1566, know of a 1456, (will keep an eye on that) but this 8 is going to fit right in. It will lead a very pampered life, going to do some plow-days, tractor rides, maybe a pull or two. Probably pull some wagons to the elevator in the fall. Anyway, without further adieu, some pics.
  4. What's the correct period correct for a late 1969 856 custom?? I assume the one with the knob for speed was put in at some point and is wrong, but what about the white or black face?
  5. Currently Restoring a 856, I am looking for some guidance on a few things. I got it stripped down to the engine block and frame for the most part. - is it necessary to take off every part ? when it comes to primer paint can someone educated me on that, please and thank you. is a spray can can ok, how many coats , clean and prime as I go, paint/primer every part separate ? any other tips as first timer restoring a tractor would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  6. I bought this running and operational 856 Diesel in December from a guy in Monee, IL who told me he got it from somewhere in Indiana. He bought it with a 2250 loader on it and stripped the loader off to run a large round baler. The hour meter shows 6700 and change on it, but is currently not working so hours are unknown. The guy I bought it from had the PTO rebuilt and told me the engine had been overhauled before he bought it. That's all I know about its history. I have taken the Year-A-Round cab off, removed the 3 pt, and am having the pump opened up along with bigger injector tips for pulling it this summer. It needs to be rewired and the lights added back as the cab was wired in place of the factory wiring and some hydraulic leaks fixed. Barring any major failures this summer it'll get put on a plow in the fall and then get some forced induction over the winter. Model: 856 Farmall Diesel Year: 1968 Serial #: 14435 Options: T/A, Flat Top Fenders, Wide Front, 3 PT, Dual Hydraulics, Dual PTO, Tilt Wheel, Hydraulic Seat
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