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Found 1 result

  1. I have some corn with grass of some type in the end rows that's being a pain to control. I believe it's foxtail of some type. Not woolly cupgrass, that's easy to identify. This is conventional corn. I put down 2.5 pints Surpass (equivalent generic) before planting. 2 weeks ago used Callisto and Aatrex and a week ago I sprayed it with a full rate of Accent. It doesn't seem to phase it. So I drug out the 53 6 row double leaf spring cultivator and will rip it out next week sometime. I bet it's been close to 7 or 8 years since I had this cultivator on anything. I bought it on a consignment sale maybe 20 years ago for $75. It even has a set of rolling shields for it. I have a Wil Rich 6 row as well but I can lift this IH higher off the ground. I have high lift 2 to 3 point arms and the pins are mounted in what used to be prong type fast hitch mounts. Previous owner torched them off. I have a set of the factory mounts but haven't got them installed yet. I talked to an agronomist I get chemicals from and he said he's had a lot of complaints this year about chemicals not working because of the hot dry weather. I've seen people cultivating that haven't done it in years. The last good rain we've had here was May 26 with .9". Had .1 yesterday. I don't know what this corn is living on to be honest with every day in the 90's. I planted my first corn May 1 and it's just over knee high. The soybeans are not growing much at all. I had to spray some post today (also conventional) with Flexstar and Firstrate because the weeds were getting taller than the soybeans. Just more stress on the plant. I wanted to replace some sweeps on this cultivator a few years ago but was told they have a different angle than anything else and are obsolete. Anyone have more knowledge on that?
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