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Found 3 results

  1. Well once again I replaced the transmission oil seal in my 784 to find the oil continued leak into the clutch housing. I then replaced the transmission input shaft. Torque Amplifier unit with all new clutches and seals and the seal bearing retainer assembly at the front of the tractor. Reassembled it all to the exact specifications as listed in the service book. Tested the TA pump presure and found it correct. Confident now that the problem would be solved. Then I Took the tractor for a drive down and up a hill about a mile and a half. Thought there was a slight bit of slip on the clutch and got off to discover a steady trickle of oil out of the inspector at the base of the clutch bellhousing. I am absolutely devastated. To say I was (to coin a local expression) tamping fuming raging ??? Is an understatement. Does anybody have a clue what is causing this. I am at the point of dismantling the tractor for parts. The annoying thing is I have rebuilt the engine and effectively have a new engine.
  2. Has anyone ever tried putting a d246 ,out of a 784, into a 544? in the process now, didn't think it would be a big deal but there are some issues, was gonna swap oil pans off a d239 and found the d246 has its oil pump in base and d239 is like the other germans and has it external, gotta measure the cast iron oil pan and see if it fits inside the frame rails(working 3 jobs at the moment no time!)was wondering what other problems i might run into? thanks in advance 'jeff
  3. Well I've done it! I am officially infected with Red Paint. I have got my self a project. An international 784 with quicke loader on it. Pictures to follow in next few posts. These are the photos from eBay. I'll post more soon.
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