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Found 7 results

  1. Pid 1831

    Rebuilding D246 engine in 784

    Re building the engine on my 784. It spun number 3 main bearing and number 3 rod bearing. All is going well I have changed crank and block. The Original block when it was measured at the machine shop the number 3 bearing cup had shruunk. I'm guessing when it got hot it expanded and cooled smaller.? So I've fitted the replacement crank in new second-hand block and the new liners but I think my liners are protruding 0.003 inch too much out of block. I've ordered a correct measuring tool to check but how do I get them in further? Is it likely to be a bit of dirt that despite my best efforts has caused this or something more sinister? How critical is this measurement? I'm guessing that the other liners may move up and down with eventual catastrophic consequences or the head gasket may blow? Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated. Stu
  2. Ih784

    D246 fuel filter picture

    If anyone knows a part number for this type of filter it'd be much appreciated. I know there's three types. This is for a 784.
  3. Had to rebuild my 784 engine as it spun a main and rod bearing. I got a new crank block and control from a breaker tractor. Cleaning the block up discovered hairline cracks in the head surface. Where the head bolts and water galleries meet. See photos. Off I go block hunting again.
  4. tw77

    784 4x4 replacement

    I have been wondering and trying to research info about if it is possible and how complicated it would be to put a zf front end in place of an existing kimco front end or replacing it with a 2wd front and dropping the 4wd. Has anybody done this? And do any other tractors use the offset zf fwa such as ford or Massey or agco and would they interchange? I have a 784 with a kimco which has come completely apart on one side. Any info thoughts or ideas?
  5. RoyFarmer

    Fired up the 784

    First time firing up the 784 in a couple months. I was going to put up a video but I guess the site doesn't allow that as an attachment. I found the 2255 loader at an auction- $700
  6. Sgraham3

    Kimco axle parts

    I recently messed up the front end in in a 784 with the kimco axle. After searching the net and contacting everyone I can, I am able to only locate the bearings. The seals really should be replaced but nobody in my area can find or mach them up. Does anybody have any ideas were I could get the parts or if there is a way to match with a newer product?
  7. Well I've done it! I am officially infected with Red Paint. I have got my self a project. An international 784 with quicke loader on it. Pictures to follow in next few posts. These are the photos from eBay. I'll post more soon.