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Found 2 results

  1. I've got a 1980s S1800 tandem axle rated at #44000 with a concrete pump and boom that has a 70something foot reach on it. The pump and boom are in good shape but the truck is tired. Especially the cab and engine. I need to get it from where it is to my place about 200 miles. Its in a different state. Towing it just is not an option. The DT466 has a bad liner and a knock. Once the water was drained and oil was coming out it resembles black metallic paint that would look great on a hot rod. Cant see a reason to put the money or time into rebuilding the engine for a rust bucket that will likely only see the one trip. I have a 549 out of a 1975 fleetstar 1800 that I fired off a few weeks ago on a stand so I know it runs. I believe the 549 has an SAE bell housing altho I'm not sure of the depth of it vs whats on the 466. I'm hoping it will bolt up to the roadranger 10 speed without any changes. The trans is hooked directly up to the transfer case that holds and dirves two massive hydro pumps. This means that the location of the transmission is where it has to be regardless of engine choice. that being said I have the mounts that went with the 549 in its fleetstar if I need them. I think the mounts will need repositioning if nothing else due to the length difference between engines. The '75 had air brakes so its got the compressor already. Has anyone done this, seen it done or considered it? I would really like to get some ideas of how logical this direction is. I'm certainly thinking it easier then it is in reality. Possibly not?
  2. Hi all, Ive got a 71 International fleetstar 2110 with a 549 v8 in it. I got a good deal on it and i will use it to haul hay once or twice a year, and maybe a little dirt/rock here and there. I first drained gass and cleaned tanks. I fixed the fuel pump wiring. I filled the bowl and threw a battery in it, it fired up and ran on 5 cyclinders. Plug wires were severed or missing. So i put new wires, cap, points and condenser, plugs and rotor in. now it wont fire at all. Ive got power to my coil, and power from to coil to the points. But no spark at the plugs. The condenser was new about 15 years ago, so it shouldnt be a cheap garbage one. The plug wires were universal ones, and i havnt had good experiences in the past with those, could it be as simple as bad plug wires? Is it worth the 80 bucks to get the electronic points conversion? i know that made a huge difference with my Y-block. The only thing i havnt changed is the coil, but, it ran before i did anything to it. So i know its something I put on or did. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, if someone could tell the difference between a 549 and a 537, that would be helpfull. Was told it was a 549, but most of those ive seen have distributer in the front, not the case with this one. Thanks in advance -Bill
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