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Found 4 results

  1. I’m putting seals in the rear axles of one of my 5488’s. Right side, no problem. Left side, ggrrrrrrrrr!!! Two different size seals on the tractor. The right side has a bushing that extends well out past the axle housing, at least 1/4”. The left side side bushing sits at exactly the same position as the end of the axle housing. That makes it a little tougher to get the seal started. To make it worse, someone has been in there and put a speedi-sleeve on the bushing, making a little lip for the seal to climb onto at the same time. No way the new seal is going on over that without folding over. So, looking on the parts website, they show 4 seal numbers and 2 bushing numbers. Does anyone know the differences in these part numbers? My local parts guy is OK but he can only order something and see what shows up to compare stuff. Here are the part numbers: seals are 143926C1, 143927C1, 1277120C91 (pkg), and 1277121C91 (pkg) - part #27 on the picture. Part #19 is the bushing, part numbers are 137771C2 and 143895C2. TIA, Ron
  2. Hard to believe she rolled off the line 35 years ago today...
  3. Whould like to see what peaple have come up with to add a buddy seat ?
  4. Well the other day we were in bed she was looking at her phone. She said that seems cheap. So I kinda got excited but didn't know what to expect. I finally look and it's a 5488, I thought that doesn't seem to bad. But we cant afford any more tractors right now. And my little bit of beans are a disaster. So off to sleep. Next morning done a bit of research on them. ( had the bug) text him. Called him about a week later. Finally got thing lined out. and he delivered it needs a lot of little things some I have already done. Been talking to Mike get PTO changed out and air conditioning going. Will be ready. man isn't she's great my wife I mean lol. Don't think she thought it all the way through ?
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