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Found 8 results

  1. Whould like to see what peaple have come up with to add a buddy seat ?
  2. Well the other day we were in bed she was looking at her phone. She said that seems cheap. So I kinda got excited but didn't know what to expect. I finally look and it's a 5488, I thought that doesn't seem to bad. But we cant afford any more tractors right now. And my little bit of beans are a disaster. So off to sleep. Next morning done a bit of research on them. ( had the bug) text him. Called him about a week later. Finally got thing lined out. and he delivered it needs a lot of little things some I have already done. Been talking to Mike get PTO changed out and air conditioning going. Will be ready. man isn't she's great my wife I mean lol. Don't think she thought it all the way through 😂
  3. So I’m buying 5488 s/n-4421 and was looking up serial numbers and found this thread. What I’m trying to do is find the Daily serial number list on Wisconsin Historical society site and am having a hard time navigating it. Thanks for the input
  4. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/29666769/1983-international-5488 Description Reads “This thing looks rougher than a night in jail but it seems to run,drive and shift ok 3 Remotes 1000 PTO 3 Point Hitch 20.8x38 Tires with Duals” I have no ties to this tractor
  5. Dirt is worked, crops are in and sprayed and growing so now I finally have some time to post my project from last winter. My 5488 has around 2500 hours now, about 400 hrs on an engine major, having owned it for 3 years now I've been slowly rebuilding it to like new condition. I purchased the tractor with a known oil leak between the speed and range housings. Come to find out the trans had been updated but whom ever put the tractor back together did not get the bolts holding the speed and range together tight letting the gasket behind the auxiliary fuel tank push out and leak oil. All of the bolts were very loose. I've been collecting parts for the last couple of years getting ready to split and fix the leak, check the trans and add updates that I wanted, so here we go! Day before tear down, washing the corn field off the tractor! Found this valve and spring in the PPH pump suction line, followig pic is where it was supposed to go and this is what they are supposed to look like installed with this wanky spring washer. I ended up putting a washer on the valve stem and a bead of weld so that it cannot come off again.
  6. Planting beans in central Michigan
  7. After running green planters for years, finally switched to Red. 1240 pivot a few years old and in perfect condition. Really liked planting with it. Easy to control and adjust on the go with the 700 monitor. Will see how everything comes out of the ground and compare spacing and emergence. A few pics on the hills. The 5488 handled it great much lighter than the 1790 we were using on corn.
  8. All of my gauges quit working in my 5088 last fall. Finally getting back normal schedule at work and trying to get tractor ready to bale this summer. When gauges quit it had been sitting for about two months and I did find a squirrel nest behind the block. Can not find a broken wire or blown fuse. Need some guidance in the right direction. Almost feels like a ground for all gauges to stop. I should add that all everything else works like normal. And oil psi gauge will wiggle some as key is cycled. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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