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Found 1 result

  1. Rear Tractor Tire Suggestions

    My 5488 has Kelly Springfield 20.8x38 long bar short bar tires on it. The dual tires are Goodyear Dyna Torques, same tread pattern. I hauled some grain with it this fall and those tires ride horrible on the road and at certain speeds the cab vibrates. Everything in the cab rattles. All the cab mounts are new. I have it on my disc chisel now and it does a lot of spinning. It has 2 sets of split weights on each rear wheel. Tread on the drive tires is still about 70%. I also hauled some grain with my 5288. Had the duals off. It has 18.4x42 Firestone Super All Traction Radials. A much better ride. Both sets of tires have about 20 PSI air pressure. The 5288 has the same amount of weight on it. I have checked out some tires for the 5488. Firestone radials are about $1500 each. They also suggested BKT? He said similar to a Firestone with the bars farther apart. The are about $1200. One tire store also said there is no problem with radials on the inside with bias ply tires on the duals. I thought that was a no no. If I'd get 4 new tires that's almost half what I paid for the tractor! My neighbor has 2 4430 Deere's. One has Firestone radials and the other has Coop LSB's. I drove them both this fall and the LSB's were the same way.