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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I have an IH 544 Utility Gear drive tractor which has been experiencing slow hydraulics. In the past I was able to top up the fluid and they would work again but not as fast as they should be, today the hydraulics were very weak on remote valves(attached to loader) and the power steering was choppy and loud. The hand pump seems to make a loud whine most of the time and it did not want to turn smoothly, it seemed to pulse as I was trying to turn it.(turn. stop. hydraulic pulse. turn more. stop. pulse again. repeat until turn complete or turned all the way) The steering also was more difficult to turn while standing still vs moving. I'm guessing the hydro filter needs to be replaced but what else should I check? And is there anything else I should clean or check when I'm in there? Is there a relief or unloader valve that could be stuck open? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a 1968 IH 544 Gas. The front left steering arm and spindle nut were welded together but the weld cracked. Rather than just adding more weld (or creating a V and filling) I wanted to see what parts it needed & replace them. Pretty sure I have a frankenstein here and should probably just replace the spindle/nut/washers/felt gasket/steering arm to get back to 'factory' but wanted to check with the forum to make sure I wasn't missing something. Starting shape: Ground down the weld then undid the nut (or tried to) and sheared off some of the top of the shaft. Now I'm not certain what this shaft is for & what was done to it. Looking online all the replacement shafts listed have fine splines on them...not the course ones shown above. I'm half wondering if someone put a longer spindle on and welded the larger splines from another tractors steering arm on to the top of my steering arm? Bad Side (left) vs Good Side (right) I can tell things aren't quite the same. The nut/shaft size even differ. Nut comparison
  3. Has anyone ever tried putting a d246 ,out of a 784, into a 544? in the process now, didn't think it would be a big deal but there are some issues, was gonna swap oil pans off a d239 and found the d246 has its oil pump in base and d239 is like the other germans and has it external, gotta measure the cast iron oil pan and see if it fits inside the frame rails(working 3 jobs at the moment no time!)was wondering what other problems i might run into? thanks in advance 'jeff
  4. I have a 544 diesel utility model that needs a radiator and hydraulic oil cooler. I found someone to re do the radiator but still looking for oil cooler. Anyone have a idea where to find one? Thanks for the help!
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