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Found 5 results

  1. Du All loader value

    what is this DuAll loader worth? Friend of mine wants to take it off the 504 and sell it. He just bought the tractor and got it running but he does not want the loader.
  2. IH Forklift

    Im looking for a IH forklift conversion from a 340, 404 or 504 running or not, preferably on the east side of the Mississippi.
  3. I recently changed the clutch pressure plate, pressure disk, pilot and throw-out bearing + the clutch release bearing carrier (all like stock from Stiener tractor) on my 504 utility IH tractor. I set the linkage action according to the manual specs for petal travel. The clutch actions well on the pressure fingers, but I'm not able to shift gears when I fire the tractor up?? I grind the gears if I try. I thought it must be I am not pressing deeply enough, so I adjusted the linkage to tighten on the pressure fingers and even that does not let me shift. For some reason I am not disengaging the flywheel spin enough to shift?? I'm stumped! I need to sell this tractor soon. I tried driving the tractor around and pushing the clutch in an out to burnish the clutch into working, but to no avail. I've split the tractor 3 times now to see if anything was installed incorrect, but all is in as described in the manual.
  4. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    I am currently looking at buying a 504 diesel and was wondering what problems, if any, these tractors were known to have? Or if anyone had any advice from their own personal experiences with them. Anyway to get some more ponies out of a D188? It's going to be pulling sled for the rest of it's days while I own it! I currently have a 504 gas burner and haven't had any bad problems with it. Anything is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. 504 Utility

    So today I went on a mission to pick up a 504 utility from Craigslist that looked to be a good parts donor machine for other 504's I have. However after I picked it up and left I stopped for a quick sandwich and took a peek at the SN. Low and behold its #601....the 100th 504 to be built. So what do you folks think, should I restore it? It is rough and missing a lot of parts, the transmission is believed to be bad...PTO is out of it, but I have it. Sheet metal is poor. I know the 504's aren't very collectible. Looking for any thoughts.