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Found 2 results

  1. I have an interesting problem that I figured would be of some interest. My dad bought a 1972 (I believe) IH 3500A backhoe at an auction back in the later 80s or early 90s. My uncle and dad have since used this machine countless hours for many different projects. Lately it gets used to repair tile lines in farm fields, so still finds good use every year. The major drawback we recently discovered is the top main bushing/seal are shot on the hoe pivot and we may have a bad bottom bushing/seal as well. We have the parts, service, and operator's manuals for the machine but have run out of places to go for parts. The local RMS (Road Machinery Supply, Komatsu dealer) basically recommended it all be custom-fabbed as no one there knew anything about looking up parts for the old IH construction equipment. Our problem is we don't have parts specs or original parts to go off of and are hesitant to remove the hoe if we can't put it back together. I will update with pictures soon, attached now are 2 pictures showing the area I am referencing on a similar machine I found in old auction listings. Right now I was wondering if anyone knows where to get either parts or part specifications so we can fix this issue? Below is a link to a very similar issue another forum ran into: https://irate4x4.com/threads/international-3500a-loader-backhoe.378370/ I have found a few forum topics related to different issues with the 3500 Series A, but those all appeared to be in Europe. I’m located in the Midwest USA. Thanks!
  2. 1970s IH 3500 A Backhoe. Bought this machine and was told it did not move. I was looking for some guidance on how to proceed forward in fixing my problem. All other components of machine work. The steering is great the boom works and also the bucket and out riggers. The tractor has a high and low select lever, with push pedal forward and reverse. I have raised rear tires completely off ground and they don't even try to move. I have replaced filter And Hy-Tran fluid. The previous owner put wrong fluid in and filter. This has been rectified tho, following the service manuals procedures. It's a nice machine and Want to repair. Thanks johnny Quote Edit
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