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Found 3 results

  1. This is my first IH tractor and it was quite the basket case when I bought it, so I don't really have a good frame of reference as to what is normal. I have been fixing one problem at a time and yesterday I was working on the Pto. The issue was that the pto shaft spun all the time. So I followed the instructions in the manual for the pto clutch adjustment. On my first try I noticed that the engine would bog just a bit when the pto was disengaged. So I loosened the front adjusting screw for the applied clutch a quarter turn and tried again. After that the bog was gone, but with the pto disengaged there is just a small bit of whining noise from the trans. With the pto engaged everything seems quiet and happy. Is the whining noise something I should be concerned about, or would that be considered normal operation? Thanks
  2. Good day all, Looking for tips and advice regarding the clutch shaft to trans input shaft coupling on a 58 350, no TA. We have the centre section top covers off after removing the steering box ( another cool story!) and found that the SMALL shaft coupler that ties the clutch shaft and trans input , loose. It seems to have floated to the rear, onto the trans input. This left what appears to be a shorter contact length on the clutch shaft. there is significant wear on the clutch shaft, almost to the point of skipping a spline. If we move the coupler forward onto the clutch shaft it all tightens up nice, about .25". The front splines have a ridge that seems to limit further travel forward. How much spline is on each shaft? What keeps the coupler from floating to far either way? Without splitting, will a nice jubilee (hose) clamp keep it forward? Pics are available if required. This old girl sure has had a rough life, but all in all she is one the finest built machines I've ever worked on!
  3. I need advice. I was replacing the heat sensor on my 350 utility and was able to back out the inner bolt holding the sensor but unable to back out the larger double threaded bolt . My attempts to back it out first with a wrench and then with an impact wrench has accomplished only rounding off all the corners . Following my dealer's advice I've tried to remove it with an "easy out" but it won't budge . It's not just that I'm a little female because I got my buddy with muscles to come up and try and neither of us can budge it . I'm concerned now because I can't plug the hole well enough to refill the radiator and , after flushing it and getting all the rust out, I don't want to leave it only half-full and of course I can't go out brush hogging . Anybody got another solution for getting that bolt out of the hole ?
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