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Found 2 results

  1. Hi folks. I need some details about my engine. First off I have a 1949 Farmall C with a C123 engine block C123 366295 R1 with a serial number 41998. Is it just coincidental the tractor's production serial number is only 200 numbers off (422××) from the engine''s serial number of 41998? I think it is a coincidence because Farmall C tractors came with C113. Let me know. Please take a look at the first photo. Can any tell why the oil pressure gauge is mounted on the right side of the block, please? Second, what is the purpose of the diagonal 4 inch pipe screw into the base of the oil cannister? (It is facing the operator station.) I would like to mounted an oil pressure gauge that faces the operator on that 4 inch pipe. Let me know if I can. Third, why is there that metal plate over the hole in the crankcase wall? The plate plate is secured by 2 bolts. It is just below the distributor, and above and right of the oil pressure gauge. Let me know. Thanks. Please look at the second picture. I am about to install the new temperature gauge in the block. Can anyone tell me what a temperature gauge is at the bottom left front where cold water is drawn into the block by the water pump from the radiator, as opposed to the top of the block beside the outlet hose (where water is hotter) that goes into the top of the radiator? The reason why I ask is would it not make more sense to have the temperature sensor up where water is hotter, like in the C113? Take a look at pictures 3 and 4. I believe the last (maybe only) engine rebuild was done between 1978 and 1985. The fan and water pump belts are clearly marked as IHC belts. I am wondering if this engine was taken from a 200 or a 240. If anyone can provide information I would really appreciate it. And my last question is related to the second last picture. The points where the rear of the engine bolts to the clutch housing do not match. By looking at where the two are joined, can you tell me what this engine might have been originally manufactured for? Was it fir a tractor, swather, combine? Please let me know. I want to thank all people who have taken the time to read this post, and those who took time to respond. The radiator part number is CJ94 352630R92. See the picture. Thank you, Philip
  2. Purchased this little 200 December 22. Here it is the night I hauled it home.
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