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Found 7 results

  1. IH Australia

    IH 6588 steering

    Hi everyone, I have enquired about an IH 6588 2+2 tractor. 11,000 hours and he put a new TA in it and got it all back together and now has no steering :( He is looking to sell it as is and only wants what the tyres are worth on it. Wondering what the issue is, how hard and expensive is it to fix? If anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanks, Joel.
  2. Patrik

    Pivot point play

    Hello I noticed today when discing a uneven field that our 3588 has a bit of play in one or both pivot bearings, about 1-2 cm (2/5"-4/5"). They have been replaced once before so it's a bit strange that it is needed agian. What is a good way to check the play in the workshop?
  3. johnw9588

    Ontrac 3 on 2+2

    Is anyone successfully running an ag leader ontrac 3 on a 2+2? If so, where did you mount the receiver, the ECU, and what offsets? My dealer is having trouble getting it to work correctly.
  4. I've started a nice little collection of 2+2 items, and would like to add one of those old ride on tractors. Anyone have a lead on one?
  5. ibendem

    2+2 hydraulic troubles

    I'm having hydraulic troubles with my 6588. I can't seem to get more than 9-13 gpm at 2450psi from the hitch pump at the motor control valve outlet. The tractor has fresh hydraulic filters with the bypass installed between the two elements, fresh hytran (slightly over full), and fresh spin on hydraulic filter. I have cleaned and inspected both orifice screens behind the hitch pump signal line and behind the 5/8 plug on the pump. I have also cleaned and inspected the orifice on the inboard side of the auxillary valve mounting block. When under load, the hitch pump may make no noise at all, or it may load the engine slightly and make noise something like it is cavitating and trying to pick up oil, but only for a few seconds, then nothing again. The tractor was running a grain cart prior to my purchasing it. I'm trying to use it on a hydraulic push off manure spreader. It worked for one load, then was unable to really do much more than start the next load. In a related, or perhaps unrelated vein, the hydraulic clutch assist rarely works, the transmission brake is only moderately effective, and the TA doesn't shift. I think it stays in low side. I have removed and cleaned the solenoid and spool valve that operates the TA. The TA spool is moved up and down by the electic over hydraulic actuator, but the TA doesn't shift. If the selector is left in the high side, the solenoid gets too hot to keep your hand on it. The low pressure warning light is lit on the dash. The TA worked when I got the tractor, and I dont remember the warning light being lit, but after a healthy pressure washing, my TA troubles surfaced. Also, having little experience with 2+2s, I wonder if it is normal for the MCV pump on the belly to sort of chatter and pulsate pressure? This one sounds something like the pulsating noise from a boxcar magnum. I'd appreciate any insight or direction. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for International, Steiger and Case IH four-wheel-drive tractors to photograph for an upcoming book, Red 4WD Tractors. INTERNATIONAL Anyone have one of those wacky double Ms or other home builds? Interested if so . . . Front-wheel-assist tractors, either installed kits or factory options, from the 560 to 50 series. Definitely need the 806 / 1206 FWA models. The overseas-built light 4WD tractors The heavy 4WD tractors (4100 series, 2+2s, 7288, 7488, and the Steiger-builts 4388, 4588, 4788) STEIGER All but the Barney, 2200, Tiger. Includes green and red Steigers. CASE 4WD Any of the Case 4WD models (the orange and white ones!). If any of you have beautifully restored or those lovely original examples, please send me a photo at, or post it in this thread. I'll include our wish list in a future post. At this point, we need pretty much everything. We have the same great team on this book, with several new additions. I'm happy to be headed out to photograph tractors! P.S. And I attached a sneak peak photo for fun.
  7. Just found an ebay special 1/16 3588. I want to make it a 7488 and looking for new versions of the original tires. I can repurpose the old ones, but I will need to find new tires and rims for duals. I looked on Dakotah toys and did a google search with no luck.