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Found 1 result

  1. Electronic ignition - wow!

    I know electronic ignition has been discussed in depth on this forum - most of what I know about it I've learned right here. Well I've finally taken the plunge and tried it out on my 51 H and I've got to say that I am way more than pleased with the result. The tractor is used daily here on our 45-50- cow dairy, mostly running the feed wagon we use for transporting corn silage. The tractor has always run fine, has always been reliable with few ignition problems over the 35 years that I've owned it, but with winter coming (and me get'n to be an old man), I do not look forward to the day when I have to freeze my fingers off while messing with cleaning or adjusting points before I can use it to feed the cows. With what I've read and learned regarding electronic ignition I went ahead and purchased the Pertronix Electronic Ignition and the companion 40,000 volt coil that they also offer. Installed it a few weeks ago and the difference was very apparent! Much quicker starts-the engine just jumps to life, VERY smooth running, and this was already a tractor that started and operated very smoothly, but it just got better. The really pleasant surprise though has been this week with the morning temps being in the teens and 20s. The tractor still pops right off when started and there is no slight chugging or miss for the first few seconds as it warms up. I can take off almost immediately if I wish, and the tractor seems to have full power even when still cold. It never did that before. I'm pleased, and based on my experience related above, I would recommend an electronic ignition. Keith- P.S.- the H and feed wagon I mentioned can be seen in this video (video was recorded before the electronic ignition installation) hosted by my shop foreman.