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Found 2 results

  1. First time poster long time reader. I just purchased a 1967 international 175b track loader. The engine runs amazingly well, all controls work, got the drott 4 in 1 bucket on it, but the tracks are worn out. The bushings have worn down through all the way to the pins. I can still do light work with it but want to get new track chains for it before I can't use it. Ive read that the td15b tracks will fit but would love it if someone here with experience could confirm for me. I've already found 2 parted out td15b's down the road from my house that I could buy the tracks from if they truly would fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've already purchased the owners, service and parts manuals but didn't find much on the interchangeability of these parts. Thanks in advance.
  2. I just brought home a very early 1972 (110th one off the line) 175C crawler loader. It is my first venture into stuff big enough to crush a car. I have mostly stuck to small engines and tractors up to this point. I bought a 400 pg (roughly) maintenance book online (ISS-1528-2), but it doesn't contain the simple stuff, like where are all the drains and what are the recommended fluids, filter locations, and frequency of changes. Does anyone have an Operator's manual for this machine that they would mind selling or copying for me? I cannot find any other service manuals for sale anywhere online, besides the engine. I have searched this forum and found a website that is somewhat supported by Komatsu for exploded diagrams, so if I know what to look for, I might be able to decipher where in the machine it is. My fear is that I will miss something that I don't know about. Picture books are always nice. Any help is appreciated.
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