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Found 17 results

  1. IH auction results - Eudora, KS

    The weather in Iowa wasn't so great this weekend so I took a quick road trip to watch an auction just south of Eudora, KS. Some nice stuff was sold, with the larger ticket items as follows: 1256: SN 7998, 7,9XX hours, $13,200 1456: SN 11165, 5,462 hours, $15,500 666: SN 15383, 1,980 two owner hours, $6,700 1466: SN 7762, 2,0XX hours, $18,000 1468 open station: SN 7608, 4,378 hours, one owner, $22,700 1468 w/cab: SN 9127, hours unknown, non runner, came with another parts V8, $11,500 others I didn't get picture of: 4100: 3,457 hours, $4,000 4586: 4,992 hours, $7,500 3588: 1,616 hours, $5,600
  2. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Brought home another jewel today. Originally factory fender delete T/A works and is strong so far. 2 hyd 540/1000 pto Standard steering Mechanical seat 18.4x38 11L15 8 bolt 118" longbar axles. How it looked when i 1st saw it. Loader not included. Old man is 86yrs old, son is a dope head burn out. Old man was just tickled i was interested in internationals. His son wasca real piece of work. Loader wasnt apart of deal so i kicked it off and told him ill pull the brackets off at my shop with my tools and bring them back. Th son made a comment about crappy tools and the dad flatout said" if you wouldnt pawn my stuff for dope $ and whores id have more than the pliars in my pocket" i laughed my butt off, mostly because it was true.
  3. Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    I prefer the Donaldson. The Stock painted gold on a gold demo looks sharp but red is also correct for gold demos. Painted a stock air intake to see how it looks. If anything, its the one to put on if I haul the 1456. I dont like cleaning bugs off of a Donaldson Precleaner.
  4. New Firestone 18.4R38s

    Been wanting to drop down a tire size all around for a while now. Theres 3 different 18.4R38s. These are the RAT R1 with more bars. Deep treads are awesome but not what i wanted this time. Ill get some 10.00-16s later on. Lost some speed but the ride sure is nice.
  5. finally got one back!

    We used to farm with a 1456 wheatland and sold it at an auction in 1994. This was the only 56 series 2wd we were missing and got it yesterday. We got the hood but not the lower white side panels. Hopefully the guy still has them. I needs injection pump work but it runs good!
  6. IH 1456

    New toy and fall project.
  7. Vintage 1456 Farming Pics

    Royce Sr. (Father), Royce Jr aka Butch and Billy Aycock on 2 IH 1456s and 1 706. Both 1456s were bought new from Meadors Imp, Whitewright TX in Jan of '71. Both were matching 1456s....almost. 1 is a gold demo with narrow front axle center tube and front mount aux hyd hook ups. Both were factory TA delete, 11L15 8 bolt fronts, 18.4x38 rears, 4 sets of wheel weights, standard steering, mech seat. Both 1456s are still in the family. They are equipped with 4r wide front mount cultivators and 4r wide cotton lister planters. The other 1456 is on an IH 55 chisel plow with wide sweeps. This was a very common sight in Texas Blacklands. Just got this one the other day. Pic is from late 80s early 90s.
  8. Removed rops, added flattop fenders raised and narrowed them in closer to platform, M&W Oil pan, M&W pyrometer, Ih fender radio, IH CAT 2/3 Quick Hitch. 10.00x16 8 bolt hubs, 18.4R38 firestones with dual rims, 6 sets of wheel weights per side, Ih 9 bolt dual hubs, standard air intake, Straight chrome stack, custom engine detailing and decals. I rebuilt the front axle and made it into a correct 1456 style axle with correct axle pivot. Im thinking of selling or trading this one. I need at least 3 more 1456 key precisions.
  9. How Do you Like your 1456 Set up?

    Ive got 2 1456s and both are set up similar excpet for tire sizes. I like them both but the way my gold demo 1456 is my favorite. There are 15 1456s in my area. all but 3 are Factory TA deletes. Mine are set up very different form most 1456s I run across around here. Most of the 1456 were sold new around here. Its interesting that the 1456 registry has IA leading with the most on record, but talking to several people from IA 1456s were not a popular tractor sold new around the state. Just too big for most farms back then. Friends in IA said most 1456s were brought in form all over starting in the 90s. Restored 1456 Setup: Open station 11.00-16 Firestone Tri Ribs 8 bolt front hubs 20.8-38 Firestones 100" axles 540/100 PTO 2 SCVs Clutch assist IH oil Pressure Gauge Tilt steering Hydraulic seat IH belly fuel tank IH CAT 2/3 Quick Hitch IH 9 bolt dual Hubs 12 IH suitcase weights 4 Sets of Split weights per wheel Solid 1 piece Drawbar Donaldson Precleaner Flat Black Muffler with correct rain cap Gold Demo 1456 set up Open station 10.00-16 Firestone Tri Ribs 8 bolt front hubs 18.4-38 Firestones 118" axles 540/100 PTO 2 SCVs Clutch assist Front mount Aux Hyd hook ups IH oil Pressure Gauge Tilt steering Hydraulic seat IH belly fuel tank IH CAT 2/3 Quick Hitch IH 9 bolt dual Hubs 12 IH suitcase weights 4 Sets of Split weights per wheel Solid 1 piece Drawbar Donaldson Precleaner Flat Black Muffler with correct rain cap Walk around videos. I need to update the 1456 gold demo one.
  10. Goldie at work

    These are some pics of hauling in with my father in laws Gold demo from a couple years ago. I didn't mind a bit that there was a cold wind blowing that day! tractor heaven. And the tractor didn't even know it had 600bushels behind it!
  11. 1456 3-point hitch problems

    The 3-point hitch on my 1456 has always leaked off a little bit when I have something heavy on it, but after it leaks down so far, it recovers by itself to it's original height. But here recently it is leaking off a lot faster. When I have the chisel plows mounted to it,, it leaks off and recovers so quickly that it violently shakes the tractor. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be leaking and where I should start looking? Thanks
  12. An old friend returns..

    Finally got to tinker with the new (to me) 1456. Seems like yesterday when IH came and repoed ours (it was in 1973 I think). Should I change the secondary fuel filter to a more current one?
  13. Rescue needed

    Saw this 1456 a couple of weeks ago. I didn't go into the field to get a close look, but looked ok except for the broken axle housing. Someone needs to look it over closer to determine how bad it is. Located east of Watertown WI
  14. IH 1456 S/N 10384

    Owner drove it from Western KS to East Texas 30 years ago. 2 full days WOT. IH 1456 S/N 10384 (close to my S/N 10407) Originally Factory cab Originally factory Hyd seat Tilt steering T/A 11L15 fronts 20.8-38 rears Longbar 118" axles 1000 pto 2 hyd
  15. Think i found a gold one today

    Looking at a possible consignment for our may 13th auction. Found what I believe is a golden Farmall 1456, S# is in the early 13000 numbers and the dash is black gold under the cowl piece and couple other spots. What do you all think?