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Found 12 results

  1. 1206 hydraulic problems

    I have a 1206. Changed the hytran and filter a couple years ago. Pulled a discbine and grain drill. Nothing else hooked to it. I was mowing hay and the steering starting whining. Then the pto got weak and hydraulics wouldn't work. No steering and barely any brakes. The ta even started acting up. I unhooked it and eased on the trailer to haul back. It barely crawled up on the trailer and jerked like the ta or maybe the clutch was kicking in and out. Just wondering if changing the filter alone should fix it or if the hytran needs to be changed. And we ran pure hytran in the transmission and final drives. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hydraulic fluid

    Has anyone ever used schaeffer hydraulic oil in place of hytran? We use their synthetic engine oil and it is very high quality and a great all around product. The salesman wanted us to try their hydraulic fluid on our hydro 84 but not sure what to do. He claimed that the newest hytran doesn't meet the specs that it used to. Any thoughts?
  3. Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    I prefer the Donaldson. The Stock painted gold on a gold demo looks sharp but red is also correct for gold demos. Painted a stock air intake to see how it looks. If anything, its the one to put on if I haul the 1456. I dont like cleaning bugs off of a Donaldson Precleaner.
  4. Solar turbo

    I know I'm beating a dead horse but is there any shops out there capable of rebuilding a solar turbo? All I can find are old posts , I've tried Bates already they do not, I'm completely rebuilding a 1206 and it's got the original solar in pretty good shape but it's blowing oil, also what company has the best major overhaul kit I'm hearing mixed reviews on Reliance? I'm just trying to do it right once. Thanks
  5. 1206 Hood Needed

    Hi, I'm looking for a useable 1206 hood - doesn't have to be perfect, just not cut up or rusted out.
  6. 1206 Brakes Spool Valve

    Hello all, I have a question regarding the spools in the brake valve. We have both a Farmall and International 1206, and just now getting around to the little things. On the Farmall, the brakes have never worked as they should, no "feel". To describe the symptoms, push pedal any amount, 1-2 second delay, then pedal pushes back at you and brakes almost lockup until pedal pressure is lessened. I didn't know they where so bad until we unburied the International and those brakes had the "feel" of say a mechanical setup, instant response. Now both have operational powersteering, TA, 3pt (no 3pt on the International), non-powered brakes work, but the Farmall suffers from the aforementioned brake symptoms. We have installed new o-rings in the R+L brake pistons with new disks, mainly because they would leak a little. During that time I dismantled the brake valve assembly because that is where I thought the problem was originating. My question is are the spools shown correct as I think they are not. Pics (hopefully attached) show the differences of no lower machined passageway and no spring or movement of the "small piston". Not so worried about the passageway, but I think the lack of feel is from the lack of movement of the small piston, it is directly connected to the spool. Haven't checked the inlet psi as we don't have a hydraulic gauge. Ideas? Thanks, Nate. (photos too large, using link to album on my google photo)
  7. International 1206 w/odd features.

    Pics and description is from board member Axial-Flow. Hes looking for info about the oddities on his 1206 standard. It has an radiator reservoir and HD swinging drawbar. If not factory prototype for southwest farming its built well and hood cut out looks factory. Didn't believe it till I saw it. This is from my I 1206 that came out of the OK. Panhandle where I think it spent its whole life .the tach shows 63xx hours which appears actual -Jim
  8. Coming up on a sale the 27th of Aug Sale bill says that is a Farmhand loader..... Mike
  9. Kind of stumped, trying to do a rear split to change out crown and pinion. got the diffs and everything off the rear end PTO out and trying to do the split but something seems to be stuck. Got it split apart about 2 inches and now doesn't seem to want to go any further. Has anyone run into this trouble before?
  10. Thought I would send an updated picture of the old 12. Looks good in my mind my mind but I'm kind of partial.
  11. 1206 Sr# 11669

    I saw this 1206 Serial # 11669 sitting at Doug's 4-Wheelers down by Pella, Iowa last Saturday. I'm guessing he's helping some farmer in the area try to sell it. It was sharp and had great paint! New Firestone 20.8x38 rears and Carlisle 11.00x16 fronts. Factory IH front end. Minimal drawbar wear. 2 remotes and TA.