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Found 5 results

  1. I will be farming for the first time this spring and will be using a 1206 for my tractor. I have a small acreage (20 acres) to start with so do not need large implements. I am looking at John Deere 700/7200 and IH Cyclo for a planter. I am wanting feedback on how large of planter the 1206 will handle as in six or twelve row and if the tractor hydraulics will be sufficient or if I need to use a PTO pump. Thank you
  2. I posed the question in my project thread but didn't get much action there so I'll ask here. I've been calling around trying to find someone to rebuild my Solar on my 1206. Spencer...nope, despite listing parts on their website. Central Plains...nope. I talked to Dan Rapp over there and he recommended Blaylock. I've never heard of them. When I called there and asked, the gal who answered just gave a quick "Yep". She quoted a price and said 1-2 days. That'd be great if it holds water but I have an uneasy feeling. Seemed too easy and quick for something that has been unobtainium for over 50 years. So, if anyone has heard good, bad or used them for anything, please educate me. https://www.blaylock-turbo.com/ As always. Thanks fellas.
  3. A 1486 that’s been all cowboyed up. It’s as rough on the inside as it looks on the outside. These are in inconvenient to get into but almost impossible when the steps are bent forward. 2nd tractor is a IH 1206 with the wheatland fenders
  4. Hey, it's been a while since I posted anything but I have a big question for the forum. I just recently purchased a Farmall "1206", (it's badged 1206) but the serial number says 1256...now here's where things get sticky. I think it's a 1256 because everything is red that should be red for a 1256, my only issue is the bell housing is a different shade of red to the engine and transmission, it's not faded as much. Anyway to tell which it is model it is?
  5. Thought I would send an updated picture of the old 12. Looks good in my mind my mind but I'm kind of partial.
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