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Found 5 results

  1. Hay field is pretty soft. To help mitigate damage I thought I would put the duals on the 1066. I’ve never had them on before. My thoughts are drive the tractor up on a couple short boards and then use the forks to put the dual on. Sounds easier than it is probably going to be. Any other suggestions?
  2. I was getting ready to install the duals and thought I’d start the baler for a bit. Pto won’t engage. Worked just fine for first cutting. I checked the fluid already and it was full. Any ideas? Going to go tedder the hay and check back in, thanks!
  3. I rebuilt this PTO a year ago and it had been working well. But now it will take a lot of RPMs and some time to get it to engage. I check the pressures as outlined in the IT manual and everything is in spec. When the tractor is cold it will engage just fine, as it warms up it takes longer and longer. I am going to pull the PTO at some point but what are some ideas that may be causing this.
  4. My 1066's (5600 hrs) rear hydraulics went out, no remote power or 3 pt power. I have the hitch pump out of it now. The seals were intact, just a bit smashed. I have new seals to change it out, but if that doesnt work. I will probably get a new pump, though all of the pumps i have found with the part numbers that i have, have two ports and mine only has one. So its throwing me off a bit. So I guess i am asking, if i change the o-rings and put it back in and it still doesnt work, is it the pump? or do i look at another part? Thanks in advance.
  5. Anyone know if it’s possible to get the crank out of a 1486 without splitting the tractor?
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