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Found 1 result

  1. some of you may have seen my cultipacker thread I have been working on - was going to post there but wanted to share a story about my amazing wife I made a collar by splitting a piece of pipe to drive over the main shaft to act as a collar to keep packer wheels from walking off the shaft, ( pix later ) and needed a muffler clamp to secure it. My wife was going into town sat for other errands so a trip to a parts store along her route would be fine. I provided a picture of a muffler clamp with size of 2" on box for what I needed. Enter O'reilly auto parts pro #1 - pro 1 says can I help you - my Wife Says I need a muffler clamp, pro 1 says a muffler, my wife says no a muffler clamp. pro 1 says never heard of one of those I dont think we have those , whats it look like? my wife Shows picture pro1 says nope never seen one of those, ( enter parts pro guy #2 ) eaves dropping - he says wait i think i have seen something like that back there on the wall/shelf by the chrome stuff. Pro 2 bless his heart...........says what year vehicle is this going on, we can look it up, my wife says its really old I dont think you will be able to look it up pro 2 insists, she says I dont know what year it is, pro2 says well what kind of car is it for, she says its not for a car its for a cultipacker!!! ( ching ching wife points ) she actually knew what it was LOL - guys says cultipacker, I have never heard of one of those, wife says its a piece of farm equipment and turns to head to the wall for chrome stuff - pro #2 in tow - they look pro 2 says well doesnt look like we have any, she says what about this one, it says 2" on it, Pro 2 says well its shaped different and the bracket is different, my wifes says ITS UPSIDE DOWN!!!! ( more wife points ) - grabs it/pays and brings it home. SMH - Where do they get this people LOL ? Good thing it wasnt me I would have asked for a left handed muffler clamp, or one of the vertical vs horizontal ones.
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