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Found 7 results

  1. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about this attachment at this time. It must have been in development right before Gehl nixed the ag line & did not see production. Sure is a cool option! Wouldn't mind one for my square baler. Enjoy!! Mike
  2. This one transferred nicely, although it's just a touch out of focus (there was only so much dark left this morning & making 10 trips to the computer wasn't going to fit into the sun's schedule, nor my stomach's as I wanted this done before breakfast. Insert more excuses here.... etc, etc. :v) ). Enjoy!! Mike
  3. The corn has been done for a while & I wanted to see if the chopper is set correctly. Think the blower band needs to be adjusted in a touch. Or it could be the 6 in. of band that's missing below the spout. The ticking you hear is the top of the worn off band. It has a small tab on the end that just sticks out far enough to contact the paddles. It's at a spot in the blower that is opposite the opening & pretty much in line with the flywheel shaft. The job of changing that band out will have to wait. It doesn't just roll out of there on the paddles. Waaaaaay too much rust involved! The flywheel has to get pulled & then the band can come out. That would be an easy job if a bunch of the parts weren't held together by old grease & silage crud. That stuff is like scraping off cold tar.... & heat doesn't help. That combo also creates some kind of super rust that holds the U joints tight to the shafts. Might even be stronger than a weld. There will be a couple more videos of this chopper coming up, for anyone who might be interested. One of which will be chopping corn with the one row head. Wouldn't mind finding a 2RW head for it. Put the 560 through it's paces. Don't think the 806 would know it's back there. Enjoy! Mike
  4. The show this was shot at was in fine shape this year. Lots of new faces & some new (old) equipment turned up. The weather was great! The threshing went off without a hitch & yes, the belts on the threshers were in better shape this year. One of the new features at the show is a Case thresher with one of the sides cut away & a motor on it to animate it. It turned out very nice! Enjoy! Mike
  5. Two events, four hooks, lots of governor let downs.... i know what im doing this winter..... 6 videos , enjoy
  6. It would be nice if IH would have imported these to customers in the States. That has to be the neatest setup for planting taters. I'll take two, please!! And the Kramer tractor. You can have a polka band play along to the beat of the engine while you're out planting. Sounds like a good time to me! Mike P.S. My apologies to U-C if you posted this already & I missed it.
  7. I just installed my restored 54-A Grader/Plow on my cub and uploaded the video to my YouTube channel. This is Part 4 in a video series I have been putting together throughout the restoration process of this plow blade. Part 5 will feature pushing some snow around once we get some plow-able snow here in Maine. I suppose Part 4 is also a good stand alone instructional video on how to attach the plow to a cub. Below are the links to the playlist for the series or just Part 4. I hope you will consider subscribing to my YouTube channel (where you will find 20+ Farmall Cub videos) and support the channel by giving it a Thumbs Up, leaving a comment, & sharing the videos. You can also follow me on facebook and instagram at "optvideo". Thanks and enjoy the videos, -Tom Part 4 - The series Playlist -
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