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Found 3 results

  1. Morning. In my search for another tractor on my in-laws farm, I have run across a Ford 8730 powershift. It is probably 30 to 50 hp bigger than what we would ever need, but it is relatively close and in the price range. It's not a beauty queen, but the cab is clean and in reasonable shape. Approximately 6000 hours. I also like the woods 355 loader on it, more than enough lift capacity for what I need. Anyone have any experience with these tractors for the good, bad or otherwise? I haven't been out to see it yet in person, but might go this weekend. I haven't seen much online
  2. Ok first off thanks to the admins for the add, really believe this will be a great asset to my farm. I bought a case 5240 cab 2wd w/4400 hrs last year. now the PROBLEM- running the tractor last year it done great except if you turned to sharp and it would kick itself into neutral and the light flashes, a quick depress of the clutch and I was right back going with no light flashing afterwards . To my knowledge it done it in all gears. It was annoying but bearable. Well fast forward to a few days ago while I was spraying, the tractor kicked itself into neutral while turning (very
  3. Hi all, I am working on an MX150 that doesn't have any power in second gear. The tractor will pull itself but, if I stand on the brakes I can stop tractor motion without pulling the engine down. Pressure is off at only 175 psi. I have replaced a blown gasket behind the powershift valve, and have split the tractor and placed new clutch disks in input and drop shaft (nothing was really worn out but were in there so replaced discs) also replaced piston packings / teflon collector rings when in the transmission. Looking for advice where to go next. Thanks in advance. Jon
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