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Found 11 results

  1. We need a dog thread. Please feel free to add as you see fit. New dogs, old dogs, dogs with tractors, whatever. Pictures are encouraged! I'll start. The first is our ~9 year old Australian Cattle dog-Corgi mix. She's her Momma's girl. My wife adopted her when she was single and she knows her job -protect the family. She's fiercely protective of both my wife and daughter. Put a new knee ligament in her last winter. She slipped in the icy tractor tracks in the yard in January last year and ruptured her equivalent of an ACL. It was a long 6-month recovery; she was pretty much crated to keep her off it. She seems good as new now though. She loves those balls the most, she can run and jump again after the surgery, and she'll chase that thing for hours. The second is my English Setter. He is the puppy of another bird dog in the family. He's a sweet dog and hardwired for birds. This dog puts in miles every day. He's dad's boy and he's two separate dogs indoors and outdoors. Indoors he likes to be in the quietest room and only cares about being petted. Outdoors, he couldn't care less about affection. All he wants to do outside is run and chase birds.
  2. 3088,3488,3688,5488,6588
  3. My 15 year old and I are building a 70 Buick for his first car. Has some rust issues and replacing a few sheet metal parts. Cut out the rocker panel and coated the inside with por15 but when it's welded in there's no access to the back side of the welds. Any ideas on stopping rust from forming on the welds. Thanks, Frank
  4. Hi Guys it has been a couple week's cense I posted with my head removal and heading to machine shop. cracked in #1 and #4 right between intake and exhaust valves. Repaired and new seats installed, 4) new starter valves installed. Because I had over heating problems I removed water pump and flushed and back flushed the radiator. I am now all cleaned out and water pump looked good. Did get some mouse debris from back flush from upper tank. Install head this week with new head gasket all back together and valves adjusted, so it was time to start it. Fire and started right away on gas ran for about ten minutes while I bleed fuel filters and injector lines. Switched over to diesel and kept running set at medium rpm and let run, had some popping and missing a little smoke. So went and cracked injector line again, it did seem to run better but still some missing and popping would cut in and out on it own. I was watching the Temperature gauge like a hawk went up to beginning of the green run zone never got hot so I was happy, think that problem is fixed. Rpm started to run up on it own, engine did seem to smooth some. Diesel started flowing out the injector pump top cover and oil fill. so I chicken out and shut it down. Total run time on diesel was about 45 minutes. The injector pump will be my next project. Is the shaft seal something I can change my self? I have read where guy could not get the seal to fit and used O rings. Or should I send it out? and Where would you send it?
  5. I’ve been thinking about building a striking anvil. What is that you ask? Good question. A striking anvil is a large, heavy block of steel mounted on a 3 legged stand that is simply used to beat on. This saves wear and tear on your anvil and generally has a hardy hole (square hole on anvil) to accept hardy tools to perform different tasks like bending, cutting, or fullering. They can be made however you would like but are normally shorter than your anvil because when used with a “striker” (another person swinging a large hammer while you hold tooling) you don’t need a really tall platform to work from. Anvil height should be the height of your knuckles with a clinched fist standing up straight on a level surface. Mine is 30-3/4” off the floor. I stumbled across a guy on YouTube that made one I really liked. He had more money in tools than I do in my house but I figured I could make one with what tools I have easy enough. I already had a spare post vise rebuilt and sitting there along with a piece of 2” thick steel that was 12”x18” I had picked up (barely) somewhere a few years ago. The pictures below are a gentleman referred to in this video who makes and sells these on Instagram. I don’t have social media but I was able to look him up. He looks very talented and handy to me. I have this mostly done minus the wheels and welding the top on so here are some pictures as I went
  6. My job took me to Johnson county Iowa. Was pretty much business as usual till I got there. Their was a old car in the way. Poor place to park a non running vehicle in front of my trailer but that seems to go with the territory lately. We tried starting it but failed. So three of us pushed it out of the way. After swapping out the trailers I snapped some pictures. Looks like it was sold new in California and has since migrated to Iowa. Don't know if theirs any Cadillac fans on here? But thought I'd share. Looked interesting to me. Almost forgot, look at the big battery that's in it ?! After arriving home I had a OH $Hit I'm getting old moment. The water had stopped draining out of that automatic straight truck shown in the "TRUCK SHOW" thread. And I haven't had a chance yet to try and get it running, so I grabbed a water scoop which is fancy terminology for a gallon jug with the bottom cut out, climbed over the side of the box cause those stock racks make a nice ladder. And began bailing water cause the box is in nice shape. Hate to have water ruin it cause it can't get out. Well after bailing water it was time to get back out. Darn near couldn't. For a few seconds I contemplated calling my wife to get a ladder but I finally won the battle. 15 years ago it was easy peasy. Guess I'm not as flexible as I use to be.?
  7. Bought a couple windbreakers the other nite. Tried putting one on the 400 real quick after work before it got dark. Think it will work ok even tho its off a super mta. Head light cut outs are not zactly right for 400 so im gonna have to think of something there. Some the brackets or small pieces are missing so i was hoping to find parts breakdown on ih online parts catalog but have no idea how to find it. Any ideas? Anybody have any helpful brochures? Pictures? Stories? The other one is for a 656 but bought it hoping it would work on the 560 even tho i dont use it in winter at this time.....maybe shouldnt have bought that one but it was nicer of the 2.
  8. Tony asked if I would post some videos of the plowing they did today. He will add commentary.
  9. They went from plowing to pulling out in California today. Tony will be along to add commentary.
  10. I wanted something a little more heavy duty for trail/off road use on the back of my Scout. It had to be heavy enough to hold up the whole rig and also have at least one tow point for recovery and tie down purposes. I know you all like pics so here it goes. The first bumper I made. It was done in 15 minutes, painted, and thrown in for a next day trail ride. This one worked but wasn't as nice as I wanted it to be. (The tube is an Allis Chalmers planter frame) After a visit to the local welding shop for supplies. The goal was to sleeve heavy wall tubing into the frame and build off of that. First step was to mark and cut out the portion covering the open box end of the frame.
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