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Found 22 results

  1. I’ve been thinking about building a striking anvil. What is that you ask? Good question. A striking anvil is a large, heavy block of steel mounted on a 3 legged stand that is simply used to beat on. This saves wear and tear on your anvil and generally has a hardy hole (square hole on anvil) to accept hardy tools to perform different tasks like bending, cutting, or fullering. They can be made however you would like but are normally shorter than your anvil because when used with a “striker” (another person swinging a large hammer while you hold tooling) you don’t need a really tall platform to work from. Anvil height should be the height of your knuckles with a clinched fist standing up straight on a level surface. Mine is 30-3/4” off the floor. I stumbled across a guy on YouTube that made one I really liked. He had more money in tools than I do in my house but I figured I could make one with what tools I have easy enough. I already had a spare post vise rebuilt and sitting there along with a piece of 2” thick steel that was 12”x18” I had picked up (barely) somewhere a few years ago. The pictures below are a gentleman referred to in this video who makes and sells these on Instagram. I don’t have social media but I was able to look him up. He looks very talented and handy to me. I have this mostly done minus the wheels and welding the top on so here are some pictures as I went
  2. My job took me to Johnson county Iowa. Was pretty much business as usual till I got there. Their was a old car in the way. Poor place to park a non running vehicle in front of my trailer but that seems to go with the territory lately. We tried starting it but failed. So three of us pushed it out of the way. After swapping out the trailers I snapped some pictures. Looks like it was sold new in California and has since migrated to Iowa. Don't know if theirs any Cadillac fans on here? But thought I'd share. Looked interesting to me. Almost forgot, look at the big battery that's in it 😏! After arriving home I had a OH $Hit I'm getting old moment. The water had stopped draining out of that automatic straight truck shown in the "TRUCK SHOW" thread. And I haven't had a chance yet to try and get it running, so I grabbed a water scoop which is fancy terminology for a gallon jug with the bottom cut out, climbed over the side of the box cause those stock racks make a nice ladder. And began bailing water cause the box is in nice shape. Hate to have water ruin it cause it can't get out. Well after bailing water it was time to get back out. Darn near couldn't. For a few seconds I contemplated calling my wife to get a ladder but I finally won the battle. 15 years ago it was easy peasy. Guess I'm not as flexible as I use to be.😏
  3. Bought a couple windbreakers the other nite. Tried putting one on the 400 real quick after work before it got dark. Think it will work ok even tho its off a super mta. Head light cut outs are not zactly right for 400 so im gonna have to think of something there. Some the brackets or small pieces are missing so i was hoping to find parts breakdown on ih online parts catalog but have no idea how to find it. Any ideas? Anybody have any helpful brochures? Pictures? Stories? The other one is for a 656 but bought it hoping it would work on the 560 even tho i dont use it in winter at this time.....maybe shouldnt have bought that one but it was nicer of the 2.
  4. They went from plowing to pulling out in California today. Tony will be along to add commentary.
  5. Tony asked if I would post some videos of the plowing they did today. He will add commentary.
  6. Went to the state fair today. Most things are the same from year to year. I myself like to visit the 4H and the FFA tractors. My wife likes to check out the photography at both of those places as well the main photography area for the fair. And of course the fabric and threads area in the varied industries building. We stream lined it as we're not big crowd people but still wanna see stuff. Main thing we noticed in photos and tractor restorations, exhibitors were down in numbers big time. On the plus side, the quality in tractor restorations was up. The last few years some of them didn't look to hot. But this year they were good. First stop, the 4H building. Some good pictures but one really stood out. Took a picture to share it here. Then outside for tractors and equipment. Everything looked nice, but the old Oliver combine just had the cool factor for me. The little Ford lawnmower was roped off so it was difficult to get a good picture. Next stop was the FFA building. Looked at the pictures and saw a little girl that must've hit her head. Paramedics wrapped her head and she'll be fine. Then outside for tractors. Some odd ones out here for sure. The last tractor is a SMTA and a guy looking at it, his voice sounded familiar to me. So I stopped to talk. I recognized his face but no name. He called me by my first name. I was shocked. He bought a SM on a consignment sale in Colo, Iowa a few years ago. Was leaving the next day on vacation but didn't want his tractor to set there unattended for a week. I offered to just drive it, he said ok. We checked some fliuds, I stopped for some gas and headed for Marshalltown. Was a fun day for me. He's also a SMTA nut and has a rare one, so we had plenty to talk about. And no his rare one is NOT for sale. His dad bought it new so he said it'll never leave. And I can definitely respect that. I do have the ok to stop and see it again and get the serial number. We were next to the Iowa arts and crafts building so we looked inside. Then we headed to the fabric and threads area. Lots of nice things in there. Including my wife's hand knitted teddy bear. It netted her a red ribbon. Just for fun I'm including a picture of what got the blue ribbon and the presidents award. After that we walked up the long hill to the photography building. You have to be judged in before you get to exhibit. My wife got one photo in and it was considered HONORABLE MENTION. She also took a picture of the statistics poster. Lots of pictures submitted but not many actually were displayed. One last stop, the chainsaw carver guys finished products. Cool stuff here to. My wife wears a fit bit. We made just shy of 6000 steps on the pedometer. That was our day at the fair. Hope you all enjoyed the visual tour.
  7. Well, this is a tractor forum😋😂🤣
  8. Here’s some pics of the ‘dealership’ they have created for a movie being filmed locally, sorry I couldn’t get better pics, there is a MFWD 5488 and a 2wd 5088, some Magnums and a 574
  9. The first one in the link is a old cabover Freightliner. Just in nice shape.And possibly headed to Florida if reasonable trucking can be found. The other two were just there when I stopped to look at a trailer for the business. It just wasn't good enough so I passed. But grabbed a few pictures while I was there. The old Fleetstar had a 290 Cummins, I THINK, and a 9 or 10 speed, twin screw, and air brakes. It obviously didn't run as the brake canisters were pinned to release the brakes. http://m.diamondtrailsales.com/List/Truck/ForSale/28327281
  10. Some friends of mine painted this. They're not in the business but should be in my opinion. I asked for permission to share. They said yes as long as I didn't reveal my source. They're definitely not the toot your own horn kind of guys. My kind of guys. 👍👌. So I'm happy to share these with you.
  11. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    We need a dog thread. Please feel free to add as you see fit. New dogs, old dogs, dogs with tractors, whatever. Pictures are encouraged! I'll start. The first is our ~9 year old Australian Cattle dog-Corgi mix. She's her Momma's girl. My wife adopted her when she was single and she knows her job -protect the family. She's fiercely protective of both my wife and daughter. Put a new knee ligament in her last winter. She slipped in the icy tractor tracks in the yard in January last year and ruptured her equivalent of an ACL. It was a long 6-month recovery; she was pretty much crated to keep her off it. She seems good as new now though. She loves those balls the most, she can run and jump again after the surgery, and she'll chase that thing for hours. The second is my English Setter. He is the puppy of another bird dog in the family. He's a sweet dog and hardwired for birds. This dog puts in miles every day. He's dad's boy and he's two separate dogs indoors and outdoors. Indoors he likes to be in the quietest room and only cares about being petted. Outdoors, he couldn't care less about affection. All he wants to do outside is run and chase birds.
  12. Here's another one. Friend of mine sent it to me so I'm sharing. It's kinda a early one. THREE DIGIT SERIAL NUMBER😁! https://carbondale.craigslist.org/grd/6795139331.html
  13. Here's the latest creation to come off the wife's turbo needles. And here's the backstory. Last Christmas (2017) my wife gave away several small bears. When we delivered two to the secretaries at Central Trailer Service in Altoona, Iowa, the place we get our trailers worked on, the service manager made this statement, Where's ours? So my wife's brain went into overdrive. Especially after we learned more about him. He's a Harley guy and his nickname is The Kool Aid Man. You'll understand after you see the pictures. So here's Harley, the Kool Aid bear. She had no pattern to follow for the sweater, made completely from scratch.
  14. Awhile back we discussed on here that a great topic idea would be to post pictures of your equipment that correspond to today's date. So, let's see pictures of your pride and joy. Working, playing, restored or in work clothes. I will start with my 1966 Farmall 1206.
  15. I received some pictures from a friend last night. They aren't the type to blow their own horn so names and location will NOT be disclosed. So I'm gonna share the pictures but no particulars. Please share your thoughts. I will let them know. Thanks in advance.
  16. Wife and I were reminiscing this morning about when your young you want time to go faster and now that we're older we wish it would slow down. And a few milestones came to mind I thought a few of you IRON HEADS might enjoy. So here goes. Five years ago today I found my wife's dad's 756 back. Had to wait till Monday to make the call to buy it but it's been five years already. Unbelievable. And the coolest part about finding it on 11-11-2013. First off it's Veteran's Day. It's also my wife's dad's mom's birthday. Hope you can digest all that. We've tuned it up a bit as the pictures will show. Prior to that I landed a odd piece. A Farmall 560, serial number 530, that's been converted to a road roller or asphalt packer. Last time we had it to a IH featured show, I couldn't get away from it. EVERYONE wanted to know more. And here's it's story. Obviously it was produced at Farmall Works Rock Island, Illinois. Then shipped, probably on a skid without wheels, to Marion, Ohio to Huber Bros to be converted. It spent it's working days in Pennsylvania. Upon its retirement a friend bought and had it shipped back to Grundy Center, Iowa. And I found it at his place while picking up his junk tires because he was selling his acreage. A 15 year search also came to a end. I reunited a matched pair a 7x12 Heider wagons after approximately 38.5 years of separation. Separated spring of 1975, reunited September 2013. They were purchased new together for Pioneer seed corn. They lived east of Reinbeck, Iowa and hauled seed corn to the plant on the east side of town. They both sport twin cylinder hoists vs the common single cylinder. We used them that fall as the pictures will show. Made 13 trips with them before the day job started calling😖😢😏. But man what a good time. The first trip to the elevator was the best. It was like going back in time with my trusty 826 on the front. Lots of looks and comments. And speaking of my trusty 826, it came to Iowa in May of 2013. It came from Kankakee, Illinois. Left about 6:30 in the morning. Drove 630 miles. And got home about 6:30 that evening. Of all my tractors, she would be my favorite. Definitely not the rarest but the favorite. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
  17. The guys that farm around our acreage farm with green equipment. And the guy that farms across the road from us also uses green equipment. And when Maxx is outside and they are around he absolutely goes nuts. Barking continuously and running back and forth along the fence of his kennel. It's hard to get him to quiet down. Well we let him out today and some red equipment was using the field. People were parking there I'm assuming due to a wet spot. And he was a completely different dog. Barked a few times and we called him off and he walked away. And this has happened before. During harvest when all colors go by, he definitely barks more when the green ones to by. So it's obvious he definitely has a dislike for green paint. Here is Uncle Maxx.
  18. Cranked up this morning and headed towards town. This morning was fuel morning. Was driving somewhat out the side window as usual😀. Anyway I spied a load of yellow and white paint. So we had to go check it out. The owner was pretty sure they were sold. And assured me they wouldn't be scrapped so we moved on. After taking a few pictures of course.👍
  19. Took Wednesday and Thursday off this week. Mainly cause their wasn't much trucking to do. And second they were the first decent days I had a chance to catch up on a few things around home. With all the rain we've been getting, mowing the yard was one of my top priorities. When it was nice we were gone and when we were home it was raining. I should've baled it and sold it as it was out of control. I checked a couple of my wagons that are outside. They shouldn't be but that's a story for another day. Looked in two of them and the words SWIMMING POOL come to mind. That wasn't gonna cut it obviously. And at that time they were predicting heavy rain for us. So it was time to move them, get the fronts higher than the rears to insure the water run out. Here's the end result. 3 double reach IH #52 running gears. Front box is a Sears flarebox. Second one is a 6x10 Stanhoist built IH box. And the third is a 6x12 Stanhoist built IH box. I pulled them with my trusty Gehl 4400 skid loader. Stout little machine. I'd be lost without it.
  20. Something else happened the other day when we shuffled the local tractor deck as FarmallTom said it. The BIG IH as another friend calls it now has 7 digits showing on the odometer. We rolled past the million mile mark on the way to Baxter, Iowa that morning. And I couldn't have been happier to have it happen hauling tractors. I don't remember right now exactly when we got it but it was fresh in off lease. And the odometer that day read 548,XXX. So we're officially over the million mile mark. And I've put almost half a million miles on it myself. Some of my friends and acquaintances wonder when we're gonna trade up? But we're not. I've heard enough horror stories about these junk new trucks. This one is here to stay barring a crash or something unexpected.
  21. Just found this on Craigslist. Thought you guys might enjoy seeing it. https://dubuque.craigslist.org/grd/d/h-806-lp-gas/6490394964.html
  22. I wanted something a little more heavy duty for trail/off road use on the back of my Scout. It had to be heavy enough to hold up the whole rig and also have at least one tow point for recovery and tie down purposes. I know you all like pics so here it goes. The first bumper I made. It was done in 15 minutes, painted, and thrown in for a next day trail ride. This one worked but wasn't as nice as I wanted it to be. (The tube is an Allis Chalmers planter frame) After a visit to the local welding shop for supplies. The goal was to sleeve heavy wall tubing into the frame and build off of that. First step was to mark and cut out the portion covering the open box end of the frame.
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