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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there I got a truck with maxxforce 7 engine and got a great deal on a 2009 maxxforce DT466 transmission. The maxxforce 7 was bad and somehow the transmission disappeared along with the engine. I do have the complete donor engine wiring harness. As a matter of fact, I unbolted the bus box from the firewall , cut the exhaust , cut the frame , unbolted the driveshaft u joints at the transmission flange. Dumped the front axle . Put it on a trailer and went home. I measured the front face of the radiator to the furthest back of the dt engine is 43 1/3” And the face of the radiator to the inside dog house sound dampening is 45” The front motor mount is on both frames at the same spot. The rear mount needs to be moved back 8 1/2” Both radiators are 23” tall from the radiator frame mounting bolts. But one fan shroud is larger. I can see if I can swap them out or use the dt radiator assembly instead So the engine should physically fit. Getting the engine to fit is probably the lesser issue. The wiring will be the challenge. Anyone who can give some advise on that?
  2. Long time reader first time poster. I am interested in a smaller loader to clean up around the farm & have found a few 125s, 1 C model, a few E models, & supposedly a 125G, which has my heart. I am trying to get in touch with the seller but in the mean time, Besides the DT-239 issues, what else would be of concern with a C or E model? How much commonality are there between the C models & the E models? The C has engine issues & there is a thread on the archives here where a gentleman repowered a TD8E with a 4BT- that interest me but the photos are gone. Thanks in Advance.
  3. I have fuel in my engine oil on a hydro 100. From what I have found, the best thing to do is to have the injection pump rebuilt. How do I reinstall the injection pump? How do i set the timing? I know nothing about this but I want to learn to do it right the first time.
  4. I have a hydro 100. Tractor has 7000 hours, i was told when i bought it, that it has a engine out of a combine that had 3500 hours on it. I left the tractor sit all summer, came back to start it and I saw diesel in the engine oil! I wrenched on the fan pulley to see if the engine would turn and it seemed fine as best as I could tell. I changed the oil. Tractor will not start because the starter turns over hard. I have 13 volts at the starter. Is my fuel pump leaking or my injectors? Do i need to drain diesel from a cylinder? If i get it started, can i run it as long as i keep the oil fresh? Im near scottsbluff nebraska, and torrington wyoming. Do you know any mechanics i could call to help out around here?
  5. Hello everyone - Greetings from Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, my father passed away recently (he was 58) and I'm left with three Internationals: 1966 806D (pictured), 1967 806D, 1974 1466 These tractors were never show ponies - always work horses on a dairy. He bought the '66 806 before I was born (I'm 29). Because of this, they're all in need of a good amount of work - particularly the 806s, they both need a new clutch. I don't want to sell the tractors - I'd like to keep them and restore as I find time & money. Although I spent the first 20 years of my life milking cows, stacking hay, and cutting silage - I stepped away from that after college and now work in engineering. It's safe to say that these old tractors inspired my fascination with engineering and mechanical stuff. My first goal is to get them all running - some have been sitting for a few years, but were all running when parked. The '66 806 just required a new battery and a shot of ether to fire right up. I suspect the others will be the same. This will take years of work and tons of money, but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. I'm sure I'll need the help and support of this community. Pictures of the other tractors to come shortly. Thanks, -Chad
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