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Found 1 result

  1. My mother in law, 84, lives alone in a lake shore home here in MN. Lot of the folks with lake places are only here in the summer. So in the spring they open these places up (not cabins anymore by nice homes) have mice so they get a kitten. By fall it's pretty much grown and they don't want to take it home so they turn it loose. My mother is compelled to feed them if they show up at her door begging. Then when they start having babies she gets way stressed out over if the kittens will survive. Last week we dropped off supplies to her (she's staying home right now). Had the wife, my daughter and grand daughter with. Mother in law insisted we look at some kittens sheltering on her deck in a box. One was pretty week and the runt. I really don't think it would have lived out the week. After getting some really sad faces from my grand daughter, daughter and wife I caved in and we brought the darned thing home. Now the last 2 cats we got from my mother in law were named Cat and Cat Too by me. My grand daughter was begging me to name this one Cat 3. My wife said I had to name it. Then when I said Cat 3 sounded good she said "No, you have to name it something different". So I said "fine. Something Different sounds like a good name!" Meet Something Different! Truly amazing what a couple of days of good food and a little care will do. At least one of the cats goes in and out. In to eat and sleep, out to kill and take care of body functions. Hope this one will too. Help! I THINK I'M TURNING INTO THE CRAZY CAT LADY! And I'm not overly fond of the darn things either! Rick
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