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Found 1 result

  1. My neighbor was over the other day helping me work on the grass rig. As we were walking through the place he was noticing all the old red iron and said "you don't have a 560 do you" No, "want one?" No It runs good, used it as a rake tractor, loader and parts tractor with little taken off could come along with it if I wanted. Has like new rears on the parts tractor No It's a diesel Noooooowelllll maybe, that would give me all diesels in the hayfield, so I wouldn't have to drag along a gas barrel too. Hmmmmmm I need talked out of it. I really don't need it but it would be nice to have all diesels......................... See my quandry? It would be ashamed to be seen in the same county as @lorenzo's beautiful 560. It would just be a rake tractor. It would have a very easy life just draggin the H&S around. I really don't know much about the series He is thinking 2 to 3 thousand for all, but I haven't seen it other than from the road and I never gave him an indication he was in the ballpark for worth. I really don't need the loader (not sure what it is but I've too many just sitting around) the parts tractor would be nice. So, what do you all think? Buy it and eat cold sammiches with the missus for the next month or walk away and enjoy her good cookin' Don't be afraid to blaze away, I'll be gone in the truck for the next 8 or 9 hours before I check back in. So have at it and thank you.
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