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Found 1 result

  1. So I had posted some pics of the 4586 that we got up at the farm and are going through. It sparked some interest and several members wanted to follow along so this is going to be the official thread. I have been sharing the progress of this build with members of my forum, which, while it isn't relevant to my Cub Cadet forum, it's still fun to share off topic things. It may take me a while to catch up to where I am on the project though as this started in December. Well, here we go! A little background: My name is Jonathan. The farm I work on is a family owned operation with a father (Randall) and his son Chris. The other son (Steve) works for a local farm service, but also helps out. (I only mention names so that I can reference them as something other than "the boss" or "the father".) These guys are distant cousins of mine and the closest relation I have that still farms. My granddad and dad both farmed, but dad got out in 85, granddad carried on until around 2010 or so. I started helping these guys during season about 10 years ago, and now work there full time. It's nice to be back on a farm. Just some quick background on me for those who don't know, I have spent the last 20 years as a heavy equipment tech. Few years at CIH, then opened my own shop. We worked on almost anything with a motor. Probably about 65% of our work was automotive, but the rest was heavy equipment. Spent about 15 years there, then took a job for a short time for a large fleet company running two shops for them. That job didn't last long, as the company was restructuring and I lost my job after 18 months. That was 2016, and while I do still turn wrenches and do some carpentry jobs on the side, I spend most all the time at the farm. So, Randall was kind of in the mood to buy another tractor. After quite a bit of conversation, we convinced him it was probably in the best interest of the farm to step up to a true 4wd tractor. We needed to speed up tillage work, and the other tractors were maxed out in equipment width. So, we found and he purchased a 4586 fairly locally. It made tractor #21 to the fleet, lol! (No, we actually don't farm all that many acres, but they seldom sell off tractors. They still have several tractors that were bought new on the farm including a Super C in all it's original glory along with a 300 Utility. I won't list all the other tractors at this time, but we do have a couple Magnums, and 3 2+2's.) So, this 45 was a low hour tractor with 2400 hours showing on the tach. We got it from basically the original farm it was on. The original owner passed away and left his farm to a neighbor, as he and his wife had no children. So, the owner we got it from had "inherited" it. Since then, it really hadn't been used. Unfortunately, it had sat outside what appeared to be most of it's life. It had been repainted at some point, but it was still pretty rough. It hadn't been run in a couple years and we later found out that it died during that run (they were moving it into an old barn). So, we think it had been probably 5 years or so since it was run, and maybe 10 since it had been used. They guy we bought it from didn't really know or remember when the last time it was used.... but he did guarantee it to run. If we couldn't get it started and drive it, he would refund the full amount. After a couple trips down, they decided to buy it. So the work began to get it running again. Here's how it sat when we went to look at it. As a note, these were the pictures from the for sale ad. I did not take them, so they aren't that great. I promise, better pictures later, lol.
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