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Found 4 results

  1. So I added another project to the fleet. 1456 that the owner tore down after fuel got in the oil and spun a rod bearing. He knew what it'd take to fix, and couldn't justify the $$ in a tractor he barely used. However, he didn't want to really see it get salvaged out either, so, we struck a deal. I'll fix it, then I'll sell it as a complete running tractor, which he was perfectly okay with that idea. It'll give me something to work on at the shop on the weekends 😉
  2. Long Farms

    IH 1456

    New toy and fall project.
  3. Brought home another jewel today. Originally factory fender delete T/A works and is strong so far. 2 hyd 540/1000 pto Standard steering Mechanical seat 18.4x38 11L15 8 bolt 118" longbar axles. How it looked when i 1st saw it. Loader not included. Old man is 86yrs old, son is a dope head burn out. Old man was just tickled i was interested in internationals. His son wasca real piece of work. Loader wasnt apart of deal so i kicked it off and told him ill pull the brackets off at my shop with my tools and bring them back. Th son made a comment a
  4. Removed rops, added flattop fenders raised and narrowed them in closer to platform, M&W Oil pan, M&W pyrometer, Ih fender radio, IH CAT 2/3 Quick Hitch. 10.00x16 8 bolt hubs, 18.4R38 firestones with dual rims, 6 sets of wheel weights per side, Ih 9 bolt dual hubs, standard air intake, Straight chrome stack, custom engine detailing and decals. I rebuilt the front axle and made it into a correct 1456 style axle with correct axle pivot. Im thinking of selling or trading this one. I need at least 3 more 1456 key precisions.
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