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  1. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    Totally agree. The 150'th anniversary in 1981 is the reason I fell in love with the USA. On the celebration with the Belgium dealers my father got the '81 Buyers Guide. I was 2 years old than but for years and years I've looked trough it dreaming about those big tractors and huge fields.
  2. Trip to the USA

    Back at home. Some pictures of the many I took.
  3. Trip to the USA

    Well, we are below sea level. The church of our village is about 2.5 ft under sea level. It's called the polders. Very good soil. My house is built on a dike.
  4. Trip to the USA

    We Will be there on saturday. What are you selling?
  5. Trip to the USA

    I'm nog Dutch but Belgian. The travel agency is dutch. Altough I live on the border with Holland. As it's an organised trip I can't chose where to go. So California will be for a later trip.
  6. Trip to the USA

    We are in Waterloo. Yesterday we visited a truck stop at the 80. And stopped by some combines in the field. Today Kinze and JD museum. Tomorrow Big Bud and JD engine plant.
  7. Trip to the USA

    Good job, altough I'm a IH fan, for the new equipment I prefer blue. It's my third time in the US and I hope more will folow. I really like your country.
  8. Trip to the USA

    I'm from Belgium. The trip we are making is organised by a dutch travel agency. So me friend and I are the only Belgians the otters are from Holland. We are with 12 people. Now we are in Moline, tomorrow we visit JD and a truck stop. This is the website of the travel agency :
  9. Trip to the USA

    She doesn't do à very good job right now. Today we are in Peoria to visit CAT and à Ford collector.
  10. Trip to the USA

    Is Lake Michigan heated?
  11. Trip to the USA

    Mount Pleasant.
  12. Trip to the USA

    I'm in the states, for the moment in Wisconsin. And it's cold. Today we visited a JD collection, the Keller collection and the Harley Davidson museum.
  13. Trip to the USA

    JD hat? I normally wear a New Holland hat, as we have a NH dealership. I 'don't know if we visit the ERTL museum. It's an organised trip so I have to follow the leader.
  14. Trip to the USA

    I've just booked a trip with a travel agency specialised in Agricultural trips. Is a group of 10 men. We drive trough Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Visiting CNH, Cat, Kinze and John Deere (a plough manufacturer, I was told). It's from 26 oct till 7 nov. What weather can we expect? We also visit a toy show in Dyersville. Any thoughts?
  15. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    In Europe the color scheme changed on the 85-series, not on the 84-series. First 85-series were red / white. Belgium sold the German IH's and not the British one. But we live ont the border with Holland, and they sold the British 85-series. But not the 84-series. After 1986 Belgium also offered the British built 85-series as cheaper alternative to the expensive German tractors.