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  1. Nice looking 1967 1100B 1/2-ton 4X4 T-all. I would agree that the majority of the V-8 equipped light line trucks and T-alls most likely had the SV304. Over the years I have seen all sorts of transplants. One I have seen was in a '67 1100B T-all that had an SV304 and had it swapped with an SV392. While they were at it they also swapped the B-W automatic for a TF727. Of all of the SV engines the SV345 has always been my favorite. It has a lot more go than the SV304 and enarly as much as the SV392. And the SV345 drinks a lot less gas than the SV392. As far as options were concerned, if you were willing to pay for it IHC would build it into your truck. While a 5-speed would have been highly unusual it was not unheard of. I am thinking that if the engine is not OEM the transmission most likely is not OEM either. Most likely, there was a problem and a donor was found to repower the T-all with the most likely donor being a Loadstar. The green panel wagon is most likely a 1964 C1200. The grille isn't correct for a D1200. The 'D' grille had a lot more vertical pieces and no horizontal pieces. The model year of so many 'binders get confusing due in large part to the fact that most were titled in the year they were first sold and not the model year in which they were built. I know of one shop truck owned by an IHC dealer that always had dealer plates until it was sold for the first time more than ten years after the truck had been built. Regardless, it would appear as if you have found a really nice keeper. Good luck and happy trails.
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