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  1. Spit and quit on M

    I start my M with full choke. When it pops off, I feather the choke open until running smooth.....about half choke. Stays that way until warm or see a little smoke out exhaust.
  2. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Buddy bought a set from Worthington for his take-off cab 1566. They looked good. One thing he had to add....looking from the back, there's a piece of sheet metal that reflectors are mounted to right beneath the top and rear of the fender. The Worthington fenders did not come with it.
  3. 656 hydraulics

    My 656 hydraulic line coming from the pump has vibration and hums....high pressure? Turning sharp left or right stops the humming noise. Is this normal or do I have a valve problem somewhere? Thanks for your response.
  4. 656 Hydraulic Housing

    Pete, I saw that plug while the cover was off. Front, left hand corner...looking from the rear of the tractor. I can pull that plug easily but won't that affect the operation/lubrication of the internal components?
  5. 656 Hydraulic Housing

    I have a 656 with standard transmission. The eccentric shaft that comes through the 3-point hydraulic housing was leaking. So, I pulled the seat and the top cover to the housing for a look. Holy cow!....the oil level was about 2 inches from the top. Is this the way it's supposed to be? Is there something leaking inside? Why doesn't it drain back into the transmission? I can see why the o-ring on the eccentric shaft wants to seep oil......it's submerged in a bath of oil. Thanks for your response.
  6. CIH 1020 Grain Head

    I have a 20', 1020 grain head. While cutting beans, 3' from the RH side and about a 12" section, the beans want to bunch and not feed properly. Watching closely, I see the beans get cut and then fall backwards towards the auger. In the 12" section, when they get cut, they lay down parallel to the sickle. Then they build up until the reel fingers can reach them and send them towards the auger. It can be quite a slug. New sickle sections, new guards, and I've adjusted the auger up, down, in, out. What is the problem? Thanks in advance.