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  1. Not sure if I can save the mower. how sharp do you resurface the blades ? About what angle should it cutter edge be ? Can you balence it ?
  2. Dratts! was looking forwards to the hydro transmission restoration, maybe someone else will .
  3. Bolts nuts and linkages just take time for redoes , to bad . Time to prep work site , I've had my day ruin painting in hot weather and swet drips for my chin onto freshly painted grill ! Ugh just can't get Murphy to do your paint job
  4. It would be nice to see it tackle those obsolete seed plants on the corn planter ,or those fertilizer hopper casting ????
  5. I got a great son that will do all this great things for me , he amazes ,a lot of sacrifices of his time . Could be playing golf , but staying focused on family
  6. Good question , ? Hard plastic , I'll ask several materials available even rubber
  7. , they raise kale and lettace in their smaller one 20 x 40 , Also keep the chickens in it last winter. I'll Post a picture of it in production
  8. Raised beds for all types of produce , he works at a co op in Erie , as a produce manager , and I think he has a plan to supply restaurants . i know he said the Farmall C's fit inside ,he said that the hay wagon just fits i, if not chainsaw architect . Got these temperature sensitive cylinders that open and close the vents at the ends . Im learning, I have to just watch and see . He manage the student farm , put one of these at Ohio State not as big , and had all kinds of help. This time was a little different with grandma and grandpa power.
  9. I thought this pretty amazing technology . My son was trying out there 3D printer . He knew the pedal treads on the ole Automoto were slipping on me so for practice he made four for me . These sure grip now . Drawn up the model , then plugged it in and 8 hours later one complete tread. Can't beat technology .
  10. My wife and I finished helping our son and daughter in law put on the final plastic on this 30 X 96 hoop house . About the as much plastic as I want to see in a long time , tired us out . Thank to lord the wind did help and not hurt us. Near perfect conditions today . I could tell my son was very relieved that got this 96 foot section covered . We had some issues trying to pull the plastic down the ridge like they said inthe instruction I can't pull 96 + feet of plastic. We rolled it out along the side and step ladder it up too the ridge and tied it down to the center ridge . Then we slide the plastic it up sides to the ridge , any way it up . Sleep good tonight
  11. I respect your comments . I have to say this anyone has restored farm equipment . I have the upmost admiration for your talented efforts . All of you know what is required , if your first time expect the unexpected as I found out on almost every project . This one was a fire horse . For example , this will be used to cut cover crops. My son who has never ran a sickle bar mower will be using it .He is not that fimilar with these machines. I have to make sure that a machine like this has to blueprinted or I will be walking about 500 hundred yards to he back of the farm to see what happen ? I don't want that and I don't want him hurt because I didn't do diligence to make sure this machine is properly set up ,. I can't afford to this twice or three times . See this sketch from the operation and set up manual How many points on this machine prevent me from achieving this set up? A lot, my machinist / welder son have been working about a month to straighten measure and restore this cutter bar to get the 4 inch to 41/2 inch lead. It is mind boggling the things that are bent ,worn and stripped.
  12. Less pieces in the pile , hope take er to antiques this weekend . if I do not get any more surprising assembly disasters. One of the 5/8 treads that hold the cutter bar on was stripped ?????
  13. Ther out there but not many. The six year old pedals it effortlessly so I don't remember what it was to ride it to long ago , but it is cool to him put it though its paces. Glad I put all that work into it.
  14. The six year old like to stand up and pedal. Then shuttles back and stands up on the back. I can't figure it out cause it would have killed me to try it. ????
  15. Dug this out and after a year and a half it is done . The tricycle was one I destroyed. I wish I could remember riding it but I don't ,? Just have get some enjoyment watching the grandchildren ride it. How many things that happen in a small restoration, A story about just the wheels goes like this Spent months working on the wheels . Get them trued with dial indicator. Located Rapps Cycle in Butler Pa. To retire it. Poor man had his roof collaps on his business from a heavy rain in late June. Well the despite the diasaster, he recover the wheels ,and yesterday I finally got them home and finished the assembly. I thought something was wrong so I drove to Butler to see why my wheel weren't done, only to find that the building collaps. Jeff said he recover them. It must have been in a good location, cause there was a pile of expensive bicycles crunched in a pile outside the garage warehouse. What could I say an act of God ,he told me his story he lost everything in that section. He said he would get them done as soon as he could , he told me that he was glad to see me ,cause if I told you this over the phone you would never believe me. the seat ,pedals and hand grips nos ,he had them . And parts. If your into restoring old bikes and you need parts he still has the garage warehouse full of bicycles . One of those rare individual that has most everything. Jeff Rapp , good guy , . that the story of the wheels the pedals crank if to long and boring
  16. Welcome They look pretty good to me. They look to be orginal paint ? I would power wash them . Then give a coat of linseed oil , that's it. Then do the mechanical stuff . I like to keep them original as long a possible , they should shine up real good .
  17. Been working on this baby for almost a year and a half . But the real effort was in that gear box. I can't remember how much time i estimated a month and a half , ha! That was nothing but thinking how to save the drive . No parts most are discontinued.
  18. We have an IH hay loader ,don't use it. Nice conversation piece . Taking it to a local show if I can figure out how to load it . Amish want it but they want me to give it to them because .
  19. Am I I missing something ? Those rockers don't look to be worn ? Nice , betting the oil gauge is right punpkin center !
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