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  1. 1 minute ago, 560Dennis said:

    I cut marshmallows up in thin slices, bated to line in grass to trap , I put marshmallows under trap under the trigger so they have to release mechanism . With there wight on floor of trap it 100% they have to releases 

    Don’t leave them in trap to long cause they can push the way out of the trap door or chewing there way thru wire .

  2. 7 minutes ago, ky966boy said:

    What you using for bait I’m using cheap trail mix from RK that comes in a plastic jar.

    I cut marshmallows up in thin slices, bated to line in grass to trap , I put marshmallows under trap under the trigger so they have to release mechanism . With there wight on floor of trap it 100% they have to releases 

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  3. 1 hour ago, ky966boy said:

    They got in my feed so I set my dog proof traps out . I’ve caught 9 or 10 in two weeks. Did I mention I hate them things.

    Ever since they wiped out my sweet two years in row and killed one our kittens, 

    they get no mercy ,to  many , destroyed our flowers bulbs , kill me seeding black walnut trees


    for week now nothing in traps but possums 2 ,they eat ticks 

    I will still arm traps till sweet corn is done 

    i swear they are letting them out in the park across the street . 

  4. Six tractors ahead of me to weigh in for pull , I got in line to just weigh the Farmall C with cultivators and side dresser . 
    With me and tractor with cultivators it weighed 4210 .

    But the announcers also in line saw me ! Couldn’t hear what he was saying ,  I had to laugh ,the one guy said “you forgot to measure his hitch” ? 
    He not pulling just wanted weigh the tractor. 
















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  5. All simple projects are three to five days . 
    plan on it and you won’t be upset like the guy in photo .

    Especially in Northeast Ohio , plan minimum of 10 hours of disassemble. That’s why they are the most sought after mechanics for their ingenuity and experience in solving problems in an environment of corrosion.

  6. This why i got Tractor Fever . 
    Look at this heritage tractor that was At RPRU. 
    I had to post this because it such an amazing tractor . Sorry I didn’t have a photo of the data fact sheet about it but just look at the pictures ,you don’t need a fact sheet anyway . 

    one of my favorite memories of 2022 








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  7. Contrary! I don’t think you have enough tractors or equipment for them ! Why do you want more ? Cause it obviously you don’t have enough ! Not enough is not enough. ,too little is to little , ok 

    Dont make me repeat this !


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  8. I’m taking the Fordson F and the Farmall C to the display at show . Took the Fordson over yesterday and the Farmall C today. 
    The show is outside Seagertown Pa. Exit 154 west on 198 right there off exit practically go into the driveway. 
    beside Farm tractors gas and steam they got , oil well engine ,hit and miss , antique construction equipment working, working saw mill powered by donating display tractors such as Farmall 450 or John Deere R ( whoever wants to display power it ) .

    Tractor pull . Parade 

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  9. check the simple stuff first 

    Running old fuel 

    You got clean fuel filters .

    you got clean air filter 

    got any fuel leaks in line ? Caution don’t put your hand on the pump fittings or line when it’s running. 

    take a thermo infrared thermometer and read exhaust out put on each cylinder high idle an and low record reading for each . 

    check with Ed Guenther at heritage diesel 


  10. On 8/6/2021 at 5:57 AM, Dave Mac said:

    Still waiting for the starter to come back, so I thought I should take a look at the ignition even tho the magneto is impulsing well and producing a spark. The HT leads are a bit second hand especially at both ends, so I thought I might buy some new copper cored HT lead and some vintage fittings. Wow no one has them anymore, **** the machine is only 71 years old !!! the young fella behind the counter looked at me as if I was an Alien speaking a strange language. Anyway I managed to get some fittings from an old auto electrician who happened to only have four of each, and I was able to shorten the leads back to the good part. Then I cleaned out the magneto, removed cleaned and set the points, and it was surprisingly all ship shape in there. So no excuses it should run good when the starter comes back, oh and I have ordered a carby needle and seat and some gaskets.


    Look at Brillman here in Virginia they have copper core wires for M s , yes magneto ,they suggest original copper core. 
    if the spark on your mag jumps 1/2 inch it’s a hot one .

    very good story , press ahead 

  11. 3 hours ago, Dave Downs said:

    2004 GMC Canyon, 200,000 miles, good little truck, normal maintenance over the years.

    Found rust on frame, poked my finger right through the frame rail, other side seems OK, but it’s not going to pass Pennsylvania inspection. 

    Probably fixable if the bed is pulled off but at 200,000 miles is it worth the effort/cost?

    I-5 engine, FWD, automatic, clean interior, no sign of body rust.

    - and I have 2 other vehicles, ‘05 GMC Envoy 130,000 miles, 2006 VW GTI 145,000 miles 

    Don’t need 3 vehicles 



    Looks like results fracking waste on the roads over the course of its life.
    Will you pass inspection if you weld new sections ? That’s a shame ! Don’t how to advise ,check pa. Inspection before you try to repair . No way is that truck going to pass inspection is it ?

  12. On 5/25/2022 at 3:48 PM, François02 said:

    I put off rear tires from rims

    I'm surprised of seeing rims looks like tubeless 🤔 What do you think about that???

    It is original rims, the tractor took the boat to Europe in january 1970, rims are made in december 1969! made by Firestone!







    Too much pitting from corrosion from what I see on lip of rim to be consider possible tubeless. 

    . Can you get them to someone that does powder coating? Might fill in pits from corrosion. Might 

  13. Please look at my attachment to the tricycle pedestal of the 48 Farmall C. I’ve never seen it in operation . Had the tractor 73 years ,and I’m finally curious what it was used for . I asked Doug Brennan at Messicks what it was for. He’s thinks it’s for steering a disc plow . I did some research , only thing I found was the C-151 disc plow . But not satisfied that’s  the rest of the applications. So I’m asking here. 

    . I’m amazed by the amount of attachments that one can find for an IHC tractors . 

    Please add a comment if your familiar it’s application. 

    Only thing we used it for that I’m familiar with is to slip the enclosed model A driveshaft tub over it and push hay wagon up the bank into the hay  barn . 





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