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  1. You will be fine ,trust us ,you can rebuild that carburetor , I took one look at it and it will be fine. 

    I suggest you go to mikes carburetor for kits and advice . https://www.carburetor-parts.com/ihc-carburetor-rebuild-kits
    also trust McDonald carburetor for parts kits and advice also.https://www.mcdonaldcarb.com/category_s/378.htm

    your explanation tells me you must rebush the throttle shaft bore in the upper carburetor so it has minimum clearance for free rotation so to maintain maximum carburetor adjustment for maximum performance . Sounds  like this tractor has had a hard life. Things need to change for the better. 
    ask more questions . 

  2. 44 minutes ago, Jesse in WI said:

    I have a C that my 13 year old son and I are working on bringing back to life. 

    I've got a question about the water pump and more specifically about how to drain the system. The parts book shows a down pipe and cap installed in the pump pointing straight down. Mine does not have that but it has a small drain pointed toward the frame rail that the parts book doesn't show. I can't fit my hand in there too even try to turn the drain. 

    I looked at some after market pumps and they appear to have 2 plugs in them. Is this how the original pump is set up as well? I'd like to put the drain pipe in if possible since we drain the water from these tractors over winter. 

    Is there another plug I just need to remove and thread in a pipe or is this a different style pump than what the book shows. 



    I’d use open end wrench and remove stop ****  thingie . Discard it 
    i would purchase  pipe nipple from hardware store of suitable length as shown in Item 11 .

    i would buy a 90 degree elbow  bend and a plug pipe. 

    rotate the nipple so it send coolent away from tire into a five gallon bucket so rover doesn’t get on his paws and lick clean. The trouble is the funnel won’t fit up under there cause the tire isn the way to catch it. Do a practice run , you see what happens with water .

    done  this more than necessary ,I know how to avoid a mess 


  3. I usually like to redo the engine that came with the tractor , I know it’s history. Not always an option if block or heads are not usable. 
    if I make the discision to rebuild , I don’t skip anything. All the engine’s components are measured and compared to to blueprint. If not to blueprint it brought into speciations . I assume nothing . 
    Cost is usally three times my initial budget. So that what is and so it shall be down .

    remove all the engine  soft plugs and have it cleaned and check for cracks is where I begin .


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  4. 10 hours ago, KWRB said:

    We had storms roll through today. I was trying to work and my boy, with all his thunder anxiety, was pacing so -I call it his tap dancing because it's so loud, that I'd have really appreciated having some of those for him. Either it would have quieted him down, or he'd be distracted chewing them off and forget about the storm for a while!

    I don’t have a dog ,but the kids do, when it’s feeding time ,or the one has has to follow the kids everywhere looking for a hand out click click click click click click 

  5. 1 hour ago, AngrySailor said:

    Trailer was a bit overkill but buddy arrived with it for another job so I talked him into a detour!

    Tight ring gap always end real bad!


    Remember that Austin Mini I did some work on?... yeah not good. Buddy Daryll is ok but has 4 busted ribs, punctuated lung and some teeth missing... other driver at fault and was a jacked up truck...





  6. 3 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Probably! Haven’t read the instructions cuz you know, who does that! Anyways been busy, spent a few days with ST and survived. Back home now for the truck out of storage yesterday.  Rechecked piston to valve clearance as I only gave it a quickie before I bolted the heads down. Big blocks are generally pretty roomy but these heads are cut a ton, the pistons were cut 0.020 on the flat areas but not the domes so I lost some clearance there also. She’s coming it at 0.115” on the exhaust with zero lash so I’m good but it is tight...





    Oh ! Happy for the replies, thought something happen to ya! Sailor !

    triple axle trailer , got to try  that out. 

  7. I used Tallmans ag speciality (van cycle) on the Fordson .It brushes well with a 8 to1 ratio mineral spirits. It sprays well also . 
    I found that small foam roller for primer and top coating doesn’t leave brushing strokes on castings 
    I also  like to use 400 wet dry on sheet metal to smooth out primer then apply top color coat .

    top coat i color sand to remove orange peel with 2000 wet dry , don’t do this if like it set any thing on the hood cause it won’t stay there, sides off and lands on the toe.

    I don’t use a hardener with van cycle 

    I like the rust oleum implemented red for the Farmall 

    what I do good luck 

    like Sherman cwilliams say 90 percent of the paint job is the preparation.


  8. I remember a coworker telling about a Canadian fire in the early 50s . One of the things that happen was when Lake Erie froze over ,wolf packs came across into Ohio. 
    i was just thinking about the wild life that are being displaced , recovering will take some time . They going to be moving into new areas for food. 

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  9. Well Bob may you get  another Farmall to put into your collection . May it be all original perfection and implements and be from the original owners . 
    Happy hunting old friend , may you have many more happy check the rows adventures. Mount up the 264 to half century .

    Happy Birthday 

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