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  1. On my 560 , developed a leak in hydraulic fluids under the seat , after we installed the three point hitch ,because it was supposed to break at the weakest point. 
    I carefully took it all out hydraulic line assembly from front hydraulic block under the dash . To the back tool box. I replaced it, sliding gas line rated black pipe the I bent to fit over the good tubing and brazed it like a solder joint ,has held ever since that . 
    I posted the I  process used here  ,in and archive post here. If interested . 

  2. A tip ! be sure you change the split lock washers ,cause they will break from age .they will clear and leave the axle lose and that will be a disaster of farm and almost biblical proportions. 
    please  reponsed
    Even to tell me off !

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  3. I wish I could talk to my dad and uncle about the Fordson. God knows how much I miss there knowledge, about it. 
    See I never paid attention to it till ten years after they passed , such a regret . Stop there , take my advice talk to the old timers every change get .

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  4. I’ve worked on Sundays, usally I creat a diagnostic disaster that takes till Thursday to recover from . Not worth it l take my advice . You’ll be further ahead if you stop and read Luke 

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  5. nice plow 

    I’d suggest raise the coulter so it’s about two inches above shares ,point tip . 
    need some landslides , looks like the hitch was off . As plow travels down the furrows should be an 1/8 inch clearance between sidewall and furrow wall. Landslides only for if you hit a rock and plow shifts the landslides bring it back straight. 
    it had coulter point jointers at one time ,they would be nice addition. 
    I like it . 

  6. I got chevron 1000 tractor fluid in my 560 , ,shifts very good , better than coastal I had in it before. Not saying to use it . Talked  it over with the tech at ullman oil here .

  7. Thank you all , nice to be getting your well wishes 

    included a photo of the cake I got today before lunch ,just cut a slice as my family sang happy birthday from Kansas 



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  8. Sherman Williams says 90 percent of the paint job is in the preparation . I agree . If it’s for you , paint yourself good edification and amusement. You will be your worst critic I think ,if you show it 98 percent of  people will never know the difference. 

    How are a you going use the them show quality ,field , resale on Craigslist  Makes  a difference .

    i say do it yourself , 


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