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  1. In process of pulling in new 14 wire for Farmall c lights on the light bar from control panel . I been able to get the 14 wire to pass across ro light bar lights . or down to coprolalia panel.  Going to pull twine up the center posts and out one side. 
    Thinking pull a spliced  solder ( insulated)+tee conductor to panel switch with twine. And across to other  light the other end of the 14 conductor to other light. Only bought six feet at hardware store 14 gage , hope I can wiggle it down to the control box .
    Nice day again today . 

  2. Suggest getting the blue ribbon magneto repair manual. I got a reprint off of eBay. 
    I believe in the manual it say that they are alnico and don’t need to be recharge ,

    i a would ask how did you measure the power of you magnetic now. ?  We used fish scale recharging Fordson Magnets. 
    Suggest measuring the magnets pull now as is ,then measure after it’s recharging. Might be same or less than now. Dont guess.

    good luck ,let’s us know how you make out. 

    on mine all I did was change coil ,, brillman magneto plug spark plug wires points condenser . It will jump a spark gap of 3/4 inch with original  magnetic on a Farmall C .

    was told by the technician at messiicks that is a  hot magneto. Interesting see how you make out. 

  3. I’m going to put it ( 50:1 into the  Husqvarna snow throw cat end of season and run itit. , I had the cleaner the carb out to get it to run. Only had 10 hours on it . 
    going  do it to the  Farmall C 

  4. Not sure of the magnitude of the stubble burns .
    The Canadian Fires this summer makes me concerned that it would force me to say inside ,could not breathe , no outside activities . May and June wasn't good here. 

  5. We went Firestone on the 560 . 
    Because in the long run I felt that the wheels slipping of inferior tires would be a cost avoidance in the long run I wasted fuel. 
    I also have witnessed the rapid dry rotting at the cheaper off shore mfr. increased fuel cost also .

    So what’s the time difference three years to make up the difference in cost . After that cheaper  tires will  6 years the will double the cost difference loss from the price 


  6. Proud of the fleet photo  taken at 201 Geauga county fair  September 2023 , 1924  model F  and 1948 Farmall C. 
    73 years of memories that go with these babies.

    My late friend told and I quote “ you’ll forget the money , but never forget the memories “ ! 

    Fordson F for forever! 
    Farmall C forever !




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