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  1. 8 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Yeah that’s normal. Better than having no spares! We have several exhaust valves and cylinder heads which are a more common failure but ships are required to maintain stock of “critical spares” and a liner and piston is on that list. Usually these engines are in a rotation of every three years change/inspect pistons and liners and we usually do two units per year to make that happen. It’s a lot of space and weight to carry a full set also. These slow speed engines usually give plenty of warning and will run near beat to death... you can also run With non functional units, piston removed even. 

    Thanks for the explanation ! Help a landlover !

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  2. Had a good time at the show today in Seagertown. Got both the Farmall C and the Fordson into the parade . I had to run hard to get Fordson started and into the parade, last year because I wasn’t slow getting the C into position .C was first down the parade route. 
    They were featured John Deere but the other makes we’re well represented also .
    linked in some photos for your edification and amusement. Didn’t take as many photos as movies .A lot to do and see. Take a few more tomorrow. 














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  3. On 7/18/2023 at 4:20 PM, AngrySailor said:

    Back on a big ship. 10,000hp+ 6cyl. Red line is 105rpm. That’s a spare piston and liner hanging in the one pic. 



    That would concern me ! The mfg. ( someone of unknown origin ) would put one spare piston on board . You’re not confident in your engine ,you put a spare piston to  change out at sea . What about the other five ?

    This common procedure?

    Set me straight on this ?

  4. 9 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Pretty sure normal bore is 4”

    edit, the N Fordson’s were 4 1/8” I believe...

    The one that came out of mine were 4.0375 oversized from rebuild engine exchange possibly. Reason I asked . I think I got one if you need it but I’m sure I wouldn’t use it , up to you 

    yep n we’re 4 1/8 

    I could not find pistons ,any ,a year of spun around , contact my engine builder ,he went to Sue at wiseco in Mentor. Got them made .08 over to match clean up. Vroom! , 2 years wasted , thunder !
    Got .08 Hastings rings from Chevy v8 in it . I have 4 sets of rings come to think of it ,you can have if you need them if you go this route . V8 rings were 40 bucks cheaper than 4 cylinders . Dah we went that way. Reason I got four sets extra.

    the weeds I get into make me sneeze ! 

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  5. 10 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Ahhh think those have been posted before but the front one is a 1925 that my uncles restored in the early 90’s. The other is a 1926 that’s in nice shape and has a good rust patina. The 25 runs but could use an engine freshen, the 26 was bought with the pistons in a box. Don’t see any major issues with the engine. Got rings and misc parts for it to run some day. Planning on leaving it a patina tractor. 

    4.0375 pistons? 

  6. Never met a Farmall c carburetor that could not be save. 
    make sure the inlet screen is clean or replaced on the inlet fitting ,change screens on gas glass strainer and rubber gasket at tank ,more advice .

    if you use gas with a lot of alcohol might want to change the float setting so it will close a bit sooner . 

    also the new throttle butterfly shaft can’t have to inch  wobble wobble in it ,that means air will be pulled around the shaft ,changes the suction on fuel vaporizer , carburetor won’t perform well if to much leakage. I’m a a bit of a fanatic on this . My old C needs all the help it can get. We will machine shaft clearance to top plate to the minimum for free movements of shaft .0005 inch . 

  7. Huh! 
    does the starter have the right contact ,comes up on an angle to match moving contact of the switch. 
    or turn switch 180 degrees , I’m just  just guessing now , I don’t know never had one that did not travel far enough .

    I get my switches now at napa off the turntable at the front of our store. 

    all I can think of ,which you probably already done .

  8. The yellow wheels (jd) are featured at the Pioneer Steam and Gas society show in Seagertown in a in a week . I’m going .

    Taking the Farmall C and the Fordson. 

    Here’s the one most people told me they are going to .

    I hope to go to go to canadadigua sometime 


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