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  1. Hers a suggestion ,make your wires longer so the Farmall C light switch Can be wire outside the control box so you can wire it . If not be prepared to waste time and in my case my inability to locate dropped screws and lock washer as the screws gravity takes over the project . just saying it really helps
  2. Had my cup of hot tea and put up my flag today to show some appreciation.
  3. Nice splitter dollys . Suggest while you got it open go over the flywheel condition and all clutch components .
  4. Like the ideas , walking out there in a little while. , , my have to try a few times then SMOKE TEST !
  5. Happened to find it on the Baste Corp site. A lot of photos. . I m not interested ,but just to let you have a chance ,good luck
  6. In process of pulling in new 14 wire for Farmall c lights on the light bar from control panel . I been able to get the 14 wire to pass across ro light bar lights . or down to coprolalia panel. Going to pull twine up the center posts and out one side. Thinking pull a spliced solder ( insulated)+tee conductor to panel switch with twine. And across to other light the other end of the 14 conductor to other light. Only bought six feet at hardware store 14 gage , hope I can wiggle it down to the control box . Nice day again today .
  7. We’ll worked ?quads aren’t they ?
  8. When (where ) was drag week this year ,sorry I miss that !
  9. Sorry to hear this , rest in peace Steve
  10. Suggest getting the blue ribbon magneto repair manual. I got a reprint off of eBay. I believe in the manual it say that they are alnico and don’t need to be recharge , i a would ask how did you measure the power of you magnetic now. ? We used fish scale recharging Fordson Magnets. Suggest measuring the magnets pull now as is ,then measure after it’s recharging. Might be same or less than now. Dont guess. good luck ,let’s us know how you make out. on mine all I did was change coil ,, brillman magneto plug spark plug wires points condenser . It will jump a spark gap of 3/4 inch with original magnetic on a Farmall C . was told by the technician at messiicks that is a hot magneto. Interesting see how you make out.
  11. Got a new light switch for the Farmall C want to get the tractors charging system working . Then the lights . Then the ground . Then the starter .Then the oil leaks around the engine , What my goals are !
  12. My friend at work had a Vega one. Crushed his fingers driving down the intestate ,put his fingers in the door jam ,the body flex’s . Why he did that ? ,I don’t know but what he said.
  13. Just a suggestion Take the fuel line loop to level it out . Might trap air
  14. I’m going to put it ( 50:1 into the Husqvarna snow throw cat end of season and run itit. , I had the cleaner the carb out to get it to run. Only had 10 hours on it . going do it to the Farmall C
  15. God bless those boys and girls that died that day . They wanted to be able to celebrated the birth of Jesus just like us but paid the ultimate sacrifice
  16. Here’s a link to Wellerts , best Allis place I know of , got my plow bolts there in West Salem ,Ohio posting a link ,hope it helps anyone interested . https://www.wellertsallischalmersparts.com good luck
  17. Cant ( logger tool) We used the one with good handle two weeks ago. Other one I got to replace the handle .
  18. Palestinians of the time captured it briefly, quickly return it, lemon law !
  19. Happy birthday to all today . Have a blessed day Tony
  20. 2.3 magnitude earthquake Today 9 hours ago at 13:58 December 01, 2023 UTC Location: Epicenter at 41.777, -81.028 1.2 km from Madison (1.2 miles) Lake Erie, Ohio Depth: 6 km
  21. Had mild earthquake here Madison oh about and hour ago . Most people At exercise 🏋🏼said they didn’t fell it. But we got a bang and shake .
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