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  1. I would like to make some adjustable Jack stands for the 560 and the farmall c . I want to use them anywhere also . Could you show and tell me about what you use? My son is a good welder and we have a lot of 2 X 3 tubing
  2. Diesel ! No! I plowed with it this spring and I heard all kinds of noise , with a diesel . I did feel the bad axle key and tighten cap . I never saw the damage till I had the left side flat tire disking for fall planting . So I checked it out the right side ,found the axle . Now the chipped gear fragment.
  3. I think from what I got here , the photo is of fracture gear . I think unless someone can clear it up for me. I was cleaning out the muck in the bottom of the differential . I found this fractured tooth of a gear. This looks from what I found in archives I read, is the tooth from the 13 tooth 25 degree DP gear bull pinion. I need help if so what am I getting into❓Can I even get one of these gears ? Do I need to replace both ? I can't see up there through the opening of the Pto shaft gear box. Walked out of the barn pretty depressed for a long drive home. Ugh❗️
  4. Just suggestion, possible put a UV fish tank light bulb to shine in the tank ????❗️
  5. Hammer dolly time to get it smooth . Mig the split and grind it smooth ,. This job gives you tear s three time s❗️??? once when you first see it. Again when when you get black and blue ❗️ And when you get it done and back on the tractor???❗️ I'm blessed ❗️Must mention I could not have done it without the help of my son ?????
  6. Gave up on heat . We had assess to a large fabricators table. Clamped it down . Used clamps . To pull down . Also used steel plates to clamp to fender and hard wood, hammered out high spots till we got to look this way .
  7. We had a tire go flat and ripped the fender off . So in an effort to save it . I would to ask if you have a experience straightening one . Do you have any pictures of the straight factory fender that that's copy of clam shell . Look at my fender , I need to see your in the same locations. Thanks
  8. I don't think I've ever remember seeing one. I'm interested in seeing it.
  9. This is the blue match I'm using to paint my implement s . I got a nos cultivator that was blue part from Mark Duffield . So I went to Sherman Williams and they did this match for me. So far I thinks pretty good paint , brushes good , I have not sprayed it.
  10. I thought cherry red exhaust was a muffler restriction, running to lean ,or retarded timing. That at doesn't sound right , red exhaust pipe ,maybe I'm missing something in this post ,sorry !
  11. If you listen to timbos engine that about as nice a sounding engine as you can get. You must have something else wrong with the M govenor pehaps
  12. These two worked me hard today , worked about 6 hours. Now I need a week to recover. Neck and shoulder are real sore and stiff. My butt ,still can't feel it. I got to get the tricycle Farmall C out and hook on . To much work to steer the wide front with the c steering wheel ,regret that error .
  13. Me frustrated ,ugh ❗️I haven't figured out how to lock one side up yet ❗️You think the book would tell you , I probably missed it . but it haven't found it . I think you have to lock it through the opening in lever is all the way lever down , ❓bought them to pull a waterway ditch through the front yard. im just using a paint brush ,I feel that quantity is ok , this plow will never be show room , it's worn ,and pitted rust And to show at fairs. Check out our welds on moldboards , I think from bent bar supports ,they must of got struck and pulled out backward plow down. ❓who knows ? Please chim in on how to operate . If you want one there is a nice looking pictured one for sale on Craig Akron canton !
  14. Help me paint the plows , I got IH Red and IH Blue , rustoleum silver, I got the plows primed , need to prime the lifts and the wishbone frame . It think the colters would look good flat black .other than that what color goes where ?
  15. Brazed up the Oliver Hercules hg 42 exhaust manifold that rotted out . Lasted for years ,
  16. You can braze cast iron very successfully . How are you brazing ? V out the crack and brazing it. Braze loves to fill in openings ?
  17. Got these wheel for the tricycle but never used them ,. Now I pick them every time I go to look?For something else ! Any good projects ideas ?
  18. I just finished this 2 years after I got the sign. You see this sign came off the grocery store my great aunt had on m-78 east Lansing road near Durrand ,Mi. Place was called the Centerville store in the 1940,s . It has been demolished . I got the sign from the man that has the property now. I said I'll clean it up as best I can without destroying it and build a frame from some scrap wood ,and my sons buddy from work dad work in a glass shop. Cut the glass. Figured What the hay it a entry level sign . I like it ! What do you think ?
  19. Nice ? ❗️I got say ! It's not to easy do these projects . Sometimes you second guess why am I no zero turn is going to pull you out of a snow bank where you got get to town in an emergency ! IMO list all the practical realistic things you can do with a Super C ,be realistic compare that with the other option
  20. Soak them both in vinegar and water for three days. The one part on the left was rinsed and power washed the on on the right just rinsed with cold water . Going to power wash one on the right and prime both with rattle can red oxide primer.
  21. I ordered a new radiator core from Fordson house . I did expect it this soon but I'll take it . I was custom made in Chicago . I open it right up as as I got it . I was concerned ,worried about shipping ,that something might happen . its very good at first inspection.
  22. I have not looked, eBay ? Charlie Burgh in Zelionople,pa. Stieners, might have new ones again I haven't looked good luck
  23. I would say its a BN , wonder if the is a part that's only common to a A or BN like the front tricycle 1941 A seat
  24. Excellent ❗️ I also wanted to comment on the new seat, that's the first thing try to do is the seat ??????
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