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  1. Was the ihc auction in wauseon ,Ohio , there was a set of cultivators there. Guy claimed that it fit an M to a 560 . So maybe I can’t confirm . Maybe if you can get an implements catalog for 560 ,  would be a sure thing confirmation. Good luck sorry not much help.

  2. 6 hours ago, lotsaIHCs said:

    57 chevy 283 2bbl or something similar? Probably a cast iron distributor? I should have a whole distributor from a 56 265 power pack engine somewhere along with an early corvette dual point distributor. I'll have to look through the parts and see if I have an NOS vacuum advance with that number.

    Distributor good , just have a very small vacuum leak down .in this one 
    very hard to find one that be any good after sixty years on shelf 


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  3. 11 hours ago, lotsaIHCs said:

    I honestly don't know. I havent looked to see what all is in there. Also have a couple of boxes with parts. He was an old mechanic and had a blacksmith and machine shop. He had a little of everything in his shop. What kind of Chevy vacuum advance are you looking for?

    I have the number some place ,I’ll get back to you with it when I find it. Thanks for the reply , 

  4. Looks like a fixer upper to me. I really like it .
    Beside the motor, consider clutch and reared issues , brakes fluid , fuel tank 

    consider this they end up taking three times longer and four times as much , be ready 

  5. On 4/27/2024 at 12:25 PM, iowaboy1965 said:

    Unfortunately they will probably goof it all up and do something wonky with it.

    Kind of agree ,it seems to be in excellent shape and very low miles , maybe someone will talk some sense into them 

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